7 Reasons Why Animation Should Be Used in Your Ad Campaign

7 Reasons Why Animation Should Be Used in Your Ad Campaign

Animation is one of the most inventive, imaginative, and visually appealing ways to promote your company if you’re considering running an advertising campaign.
Animation is defined as any kind of media in which still images are altered to give the impression that they are moving.
Popular examples include the films Dumbo and Inside Out. It can revitalize your advertisement material in a variety of ways.

The animation should be used while creating an advertising campaign since it can:

1. Increase Engagement

The advertisement is more captivating for many audiences because of the vibrant colors and quick animation movements.
Animation is captivating because it keeps viewers hooked on the content with smooth transitions and a remarkable capacity to convey stories, making it frequently utilized for children’s amusement. Reports have even revealed that animation offers a click rate that is 20% higher than that of live-action content, demonstrating the popularity of animation.

2. Provide Evergreen Content

Animation is more ageless than live-action content, which can quickly date due to camera technology and current trends.
Animation is not only created to look slick and contemporary but it can also be precisely duplicated. As a result, animation would help to maintain the stylistic similarity of these two advertisements if you desired a second round of identical advertisements years in the future. Alternatively, if you were to use a live-action cast, you might be forced to recast your crew due to unforeseen events, which could affect consistency.
In business, timeless information is priceless and will keep you one step ahead of the competition.

3. Capable of capturing the essence of your company

Adding laughter and excitement to otherwise dull information is a major benefit of employing animation.
If you are marketing a novel good or service, you want to present it in the best possible way and make an ad that represents your company well.
Without sacrificing entertainment, which can be harder to achieve with live-action advertising,
the animation is a terrific method to convey what your business stands for.

4. Increase Sales

Sales can be significantly impacted by animation as well. Adding it to your website “can generate up to 70% more sales,” increasing conversions by providing interesting and compelling content.
Consider the adverts that you can’t help but watch. Your chance of capturing the attention of your target audience increases with the level of creativity in your advertisement. Use animation to use this in your ads, and you should see an increase in sales as more visitors visit your website at a 20% higher rate.

5. Stir Emotion

Because animation may elicit strong emotions, it increases the likelihood that an advertisement will be remembered. The impact they may have on your audience is highlighted by the fact that “animation can communicate and evoke emotion in a way that actors or words simply cannot.”
To keep customers interested and involved in the digital age, offering relatable, original material that elicits some emotion is critical. However, investing in it is a terrific option if you want to develop a memorable advertising campaign that connects with your target market.

6. Make Complex Content Simple

Infographics and animated content are frequently utilized to make complex topics more understandable and humorous.
Animation can be used as a tool to break down complex information into bullet points or a brief sequence,
whether you’re trying to present statistics or a challenging graph. Additionally, the simplification process moves quickly because fewer eyes are working on the assignment,
allowing animators to concentrate entirely on the statistics with fewer eyeballs confusing the process.

7. Be Cost-Effective

Hiring an animation studio to make your advertisement could seem pricey, but this is only sometimes the case.  It’s a more affordable alternative to creating a creative commercial than live-action media.
This is so because it takes a large team to complete a live-action movie set, and it costs money to hire each person.
Retakes for a live-action shoot would cost your company extra money because the actors and crew needed to be adequately compensated. However, since consistency in animation is simpler to accomplish when working with a team of editors, the cost is probably lower.

In conclusion, the animation is a fantastic technique to promote your company in the digital age. This year, include animation in your advertising to keep your company current and modern.

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