How To Turn Off Auto-Capitalization In Google Docs

How To Turn Off Auto-Capitalization In Google Docs

When creating documents with Google Docs, you may have noticed that the first letter of each paragraph is automatically capitalized. You can use the caps lock key on the keyboard to turn on capitalization when typing/typing a document, or you can press Shift and type the letters while holding Shift to type capital letters. How to turn off auto-capitalization in google docs.

Google Docs auto-capitalize words using the built-in option “Auto-capitalize words” under “Tools” -> “Settings.” This setting is acceptable by default. You can uncheck this option and click the OK button to stop auto-capitalizing in Google Docs.

You can easily control auto-capitalization in Google Docs by unchecking a box. However, keep in mind that if you’ve ever written a document with case-sensitivity enabled, disabling it won’t remove auto-case from existing content, it only applies it to future content. You can use the capitalization option in Format -> Text -> Capitalization for existing content.

How to Disable Auto-Capitalization in Google Docs on Windows/Mac

Use the following steps to turn off auto-capitalization in Google Docs on a Windows or Mac device. The steps to disable auto-capitalization for Windows and Mac remain the same.

  1.  On your Windows PC or Mac, launch your web browser and visit Google Docs.
  2.  Open the document you are currently working on.
  3.  Go to Tools -> Settings.
  4.  Uncheck Auto-capitalize words and click the OK button.

How to stop Google Docs on iPhone from capitalising words automatically

For example, you turned off auto-capitalization on a Windows or Mac device. There is a setting to automatically capitalize words when we use a web browser to access Google Docs. However, there is no setting for the Google Docs app installed on your iPhone.

There is a solution. We’ll use the iPhone’s keyboard settings to turn off auto-capitalization. Note that turning off auto-capitalization through your iPhone’s keyboard settings will disable auto-capitalization in all apps on your iPhone, not just the Google Docs app. You can activate it if you want to get it back. But let’s see where to find this setting and how to turn it off.

  • Drive to the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Go to General -> Keyboard.
  • Turn off the auto caps switch.

How to Disable Auto-Capitalization in Google Docs on Android

Just as we disabled auto-capitalization in the keyboard settings, we will do the same on the Android phone. Let’s go through the steps:

  1.  Click the settings icon on the keyboard or go to Settings -> System -> Languages ​​& input -> Virtual keyboard -> Gboard.
  2.  Find Text Correction in the list of settings and toggle the Auto-capitalization switch to Off.

How to manually apply capitalization in Google Docs

If you have turned off auto-capitalization and want to use capitalization manually, you can select Text in Google Docs and apply capitalization.

Where can I find the capitalization option in Google Docs?

  • Open any document from Google Docs.
  • Click Format -> Text -> Uppercase.

There are three options for capitalization. We’ll look at an example of each text conversion setting for lowercase, uppercase, and uppercase.

  • Lowercase – If you select Text and apply lowercase, all Text chosen is new to lowercase. To convert Text to lowercase, go to Format -> Text -> Uppercase -> Lowercase.
  • UPPER CASE: If you select Text and apply UPPER CASE, all Text chosen is different from UPPER CASE. To convert Text to lowercase, go to Format -> Text -> Uppercase -> UPPERCASE.
  • Title Caps – When you select Text and apply title caps, all Text chosen differs from title caps. The first letter of each word in the paragraph is benefits from. To convert Text to lowercase, go to Format -> Text -> Uppercase -> Title.


This blog post looked at how to turn off auto-capitalization on Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone. If you’ve turned off auto-capitalization, you still have the option to capitalize a specific job, a paragraph, or the entire document. Select the Transcript you want to convert, then apply the case from Format -> Text -> Capitalization.

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