Best Google Lens Alternatives For Android In 2022

Best Google Lens Alternatives For Android In 2022

Google Lens is the name of an AI-powered innovation that uses your phone’s camera and deep machine learning to identify an object in front of your camera and retrieve it and suggest actions, such as B. translate, scan, buy, and much more. Plus.

It was probably the most significant statement of 2017, but it was a Google Pixel exclusive when this phone shipped. If you don’t already own an Android device, you can currently get the app via Google Play. From there, it spread to the majority of Android devices.

What Is Google Lens?

That enables you to point to an object, such as a particular plant, and then ask Google Assistant what you are pointing at. Although you won’t be confident of the exact solution, you will receive recommendations based on this object.

Various examples of what it can do include the ability to take a picture of the SSID tag on the back of a Wi-Fi router, after which your phone will constantly connect to the Wi-Fi network without you asking. Other than waiting. That’s right; you don’t have to crawl under the cabinet to read the password while typing it on your phone. Now you can aim or shoot anything with Google Lens.

Many other apps can help you perform the same tasks on your Android. While some apps only focus on one thing, others offer much more.

Camera Search

  • CamFind offers many features that make your search more fun and profitable.
  • You can start your search first by selecting a photo from your files or by taking a picture with your camera. You can switch between regular and private examinations by swiping the camera screen to change modes.
  • Also, the app has a QR code scanner that you can use as per your need. Once activated, the app will automatically find the QR codes and report them as URLs. You can choose to visit or copy the URL in the app. You can also enable barcode recognition if required.
  • There are several features, most of which are only accessible by creating an account. The app only works as a social platform for images. You can improve your search by querying the pictures of other people who have searched. You can post their photos on your profile. Besides, you can also follow others and get your followers,
  • In addition, the applications show you pages based on your interests. The app allows you to bookmark the search images you want, save them offline and set visual updates.
  • There is also an adjustable text-reading marker. Although you can’t choose the voice type, you can change the playback speed. Finally, the similar buy element makes it easy to start shopping and find items online.

Reverse Image Search

Reverse Image Search is a helpful app when you need to know the source of WhatsApp, Instagram, screenshots, and more. That is another alternative you can use to get more information about an image or confirm the source of photos, WhatsApp images, Instagram photos, screenshots, and memes. Also, this app takes advantage of Google features so that you can enjoy all accessible features, including SafeSearch.

Depending on your needs, you can also enable the safe search filter. You can also upload your image or drag and drop an image to find it. Other than that, You can add an image URL to perform a reverse image search.

The app also has a camera interface that lets you click on an image before downloading, making the loop more consistent and intuitive. You can also share the pictures or your search lists on social networks via messaging apps or Bluetooth. Overall, it’s a decent app that does what it says on the tin and is worth trying out if you’re looking for an alternative to Google Lens on your Android.

Pick Picks

With this request, you can search for photos similar to the uploaded ones. You can use the search bar for quick queries on the app’s home screen. Also, it has a filter that allows you to limit search results or block unwanted substances.

PictPicks also has a search for images. That allows you to start a search by taking a photo with your phone’s camera or by selecting an image from your gallery. Search results are often also images. On the search results page, you can visit image sources, share pictures, save them, and use them in other apps.

PictPicks is highly rated, with over 100,000 installs on the Play Store, and once you’ve used it for a while, it’s not hard to see why. It has all the features you’d expect from Google image search, meaning you can easily filter your images by type, size, color, and time and turn on SafeSearch if you don’t need to barrage with images.

Also, you can use the app incognito without keeping your activity log. It’s a great option if you need to stay under the radar.

But the app shows ads; they don’t bother you with what you are doing.

Search By Image

It is another best alternative for Android. The user interface of this app makes it the best starting point for your product search. In this app, you have options on how to start searching for your photo. You can start by getting your shot from your gallery, taking an image from your mobile camera, or sharing photos from other apps.

It also has an image editing tool that you might find helpful. Also, in the settings, you can choose where your search results appear: in the app’s browser or in your phone’s browser. You can also customize a search engine.

You can use the multiple search function to get search results from different search engines. But when this feature is enabled, you can only see the results in the app.

This application has three levels of content filtering and defaults to the highest level.

Image this

This alternative is for plant lovers; However, the innovation is the same as the other applications. This photo app will be convenient if you love your garden or have a few plants.

With this app, you can find plants by photographing them with your camera or selecting plant photos from your gallery. It includes a brief tutorial on the most effective way to take pictures that meet the requirements. Additionally, the “My Collection” portion of the program regularly stores the images you shoot.

Not only can you find plants, but you can also take care of your plants when they are sick by taking photos of them. With the location turned on, you can also easily find nearby plants. The plants you find will also be placed in your space for different users to see.

The app also offers its users a gamified loop. You can get free Plant Distinction Proof of Distinction perks in the Feeling Lucky portion of the app.

You get many app features if you have paid for the premium version. Additionally, the app highlights important content on how best to grow and support plants. You can consider it an exceptional addition to planting tips or just when looking for a decent read.


So we finally conclude that Google Lens has many excellent features, but it’s not the only app for the job. Using these best alternatives, you can focus on the features you use the most. They are best suited for those who need to rely on Google tools less often. We have offered you the best possible alternatives. I hope this will help you according to your needs.


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