Best Siri Shortcuts for Water Ejecting From Your iPhone

The Best Siri Shortcuts for Water Ejecting From Your iPhone

The topic of how to remove water from an iPhone will be cover in this section. It’s a hazardous move to bring your phone into the shower. You’ll probably end up splashing water on your phone, and some of it might even get within the speaker grills. Your iPhone could get wet when it comes into touch with water because of the way water is drawn to speaker grills. If you need to get that extra liquid out, this handy Siri shortcut should help since the built-in water eject capability in Apple Watch is a valuable fix but is absent on the iPhone.

How to Clean Your iPhone of Water (2022)

Here is how to utilize “Water Eject,” an iOS shortcut for Siri on your phone.

Click this link to access your iPhone’s “Water Eject” Siri shortcut.
When the app opens, scroll to the bottom of the page.
You will then find the button to add the shortcut.
After adding the shortcut to your shortcut collection, knock it to start water removal on your mobile device.
Select “begin water ejection” on the screen once the drop-down menus have finished appearing. Usually, this process is complete in around 15 minutes. To shake the water out of your iPhone, use the water out of the app, which uses low-frequency sound waves.
If your smartphone has a Siri Shortcut to reduce the volume to 50%, it should notify you when it is finish.
To add this shortcut to your home screen, follow these instructions. Alternatively, you can tell Siri to launch “Water Eject,” which would automatically remove water from your phone. Furthermore, the above solution supports all iPhones capable of employing Siri shortcuts. iPads and iPods running the most recent software.
Using Siri Shortcuts, you may quickly remove any water that has become stuck in your iPhone.
You will discover how to remove water from an iPhone in this article quickly. We’re here to help if drops end up stuck on the speaker grilles of your iPhone. They may also damage your smartphone. It was unexpected to see that Apple does not have a built-in feature on the iPhone to enable the creation of a picture album from a collection of images. Apple is renowned for developing innovative methods to enhance the user experience of its products.
Water ejection from iPhone Using Siri
The solution to this issue is Siri Shortcuts, which lets you make a photo album directly from your camera roll without taking any additional steps. On the other hand, if the shortcut doesn’t work, you may use many different apps to remove water from your iPhone. Below, we’ll provide a list of some excellent apps for this. In addition to some t-Pins and toothpicks, you can successfully dry out your iPhone by using a few other gadgets you may find online.

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