5 Best SSL Plugins For WordPress In 2023

5 Best SSL Plugins For WordPress In 2023

There is only one thing that is necessary for the Internet. And that is the security and protection of the site. Without them, the Internet cannot function properly, and users risk losing their data. And while there are many ways users can protect data on a personal level (a typical example would be a VPN), a broader perspective needs to be considered. In this article we will let you know 5 best SSL plugins for wordPress.

After all, a life jacket is nice, but it might be better if the boat didn’t have holes. Or, more specifically, if the website is safe, so are its visitors.

What Is SSL, and Why Do You Need It?

Secure Socket Layers are the industry standard for website security. In the primary days of the Internet, most websites had an HTTP protocol that made them work.

However, these protocols lacked a security standard, so SSL was cut to add an extra layer of security. SSL means how your website can establish secure connections to the Internet.

And so, HTTPS has become the current website protocol standard. If you look at the websites you visit these days, you will hardly find HTTP protocols because search engines (as well as users) prefer secure websites. It means that without SSL, you will almost certainly lose viewers.

Of course, security is also an issue. The humble fact is that people don’t need to visit websites with safety risks. So why risk yourself and your visitors when you can provide security with SSL?

1. WP Force SSL

One of the best ways to manage website security is to have all the solutions in a single package since putting multiple plugins together can be cumbersome. That is why you should use WP Force SSL, which gives you everything you need for SSL protocols.

Don’t worry if a plugin breaks your entire site or conflicts with compatibility. Instead, you get an easy-to-use SSL package that you can apply to your website immediately.

Creating a website is a challenging task. So don’t be embarrassed if you’ve overlooked vulnerabilities when reviewing your work.

Content Scanner

To ensure your most vulnerable content is not a problem for your security, WP Force SSL provides a content scanner that can scan your content in minutes.

It allows WP Force SSL to analyze your content and provide a mixed content error report on your site. Another critical aspect of SSL, or security in general, is that it is not persistent. Always be aware of changes from outside, stricter government regulations.

Change can also come from within; Changes to the website may cause errors or pose a threat. But the reality is that you can’t keep up with all of these changes because there are a lot of moving parts, and you should focus on growing your website or business.

To counter this, WP Force SSL has developed an SSL monitor that automatically tracks the health of your website and ensures that you don’t accidentally lose your SSL certificate. WP Force SSL notifies you immediately if your website has more than 50 errors that could affect the certificate so that you can fix them quickly.

In the early days of web development, every little thing had its dedicated tab, but these days that kind of structure is clunky and hard to use. Recognizing this issue with their competitors, WP Force SSL has developed a centralized dashboard to manage all your SSL needs in one place.

2. WC SSL Seal

An SSL certificate is an essential aspect of a website’s popularity. WC SSL Seal goes one step further by allowing you to create an SSL-secured website and display your certificate to visitors via a custom image you can embed.

It might seem like a trick, but it can come in handy if you’re an eCommerce web developer who needs an extra boost on your store’s checkout page.

3. Auto-Install Free SSL

Reinstalling SSL can sometimes be a hassle if you don’t have proper trackers to monitor. That’s why Auto-Install Free SSL automatically checks for the presence of SSL on your website. And if an extension is required, you will automatically receive a new one.

All you have to do is provide the required information and set the time when the plugin will be efficient, and you will have an automated SSL certificate yourself.

4. Simple SSL

Simple SSL stays true to its name by providing you with an SSL certificate. It’s a small plugin that tracks your certificates and allows you to install SSL certificates with just one click. And to ensure you don’t waste time going through a bunch of settings, Simple SSL has kept your options to a bare minimum.

It gives you a quick and easy way to enforce SSL.

5. SSL Zen

The best way to get SSL certified is to eliminate the hassle of manually editing files. Instead, use plugins like SSL Zen, which gives you an SSL certificate by automatically scanning your content for vulnerabilities. You only want to confirm your domain name so SSL Zen can verify the information.


Functionality and design are the three pillars of good web development. In essence, SSL is one of the mainstays of your website.

So, it would help if you considered getting a good SSL provider like WP Force SSL. Why compromise your website security when WP Force SSL provides a robust and reliable SSL certificate? So, before you start building your website, be sure to check which SSL plugin is right for you.


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