Bitter truth about engineering in India

Hey everyone! If you just cleared your 12th board exams then you might be thinking which college you should choose for your further education.  You can see various memes on internet about engineering and also you can see various videos about how good engineering is.

So today, I will be explaining to you how actually a B.Tech(Engineering) life is. Since I am doing my B.Tech with Computer Science, I will be taking my life as a reference.

First let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am an 18 yr old guy doing B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering with specialization in Cyber Security and Forensics (sounds cool, right?). When I was a young kid, I was very much interested in programming and computer things. At my school time, I used to find myself better in programming. Since I was doing programming for such a long time, It was easy for me to believe that one day I will become a great programmer. I started to learn programming when I was in 6th standard. Like every other person, I also hate the topics they taught in schools like trigonometry, integration, chemical-bonding etc. Also, I hate making projects, practical files for final exams and doing assignments. These things are like time wasters for me.  But like every other kid, I was also told(misguided) about the college life. I used to think that there will be no restrictions, everything will be good and I will learn whatever I want. So, I joined the race.

Now, you know about me and you have an idea about my interest in computer science.

So, today, I will be busting some of the common myths about engineering-


MYTH #1:
It is too difficult to get admission in a private college since they take students on the basis of merit in boards and JEE

First let me clear that I am not talking about the reputed private colleges like VIT, SRM etc. I am talking about random local private colleges.
I scored 78% marks in my board examinations and started thinking that I will not be able to get computer science in any private college. But when I got there with all my documents with me, I saw people with percentage under minimum criteria were also standing on the line with me. And after some time, I found that they are selected(they just have to pay more fees). The reason for such violation of admission criteria is discussed in the myth #2.


MYTH #2:
Private colleges are all about education

Did you tried to guess the reason for accepting the student with percentage less than minimum criteria?
The reason is very simple and clear! Education is a business in India . If you can pay more, welcome!


MYTH #3:
College will only teach the subjects you are interested in

In my school days, I used to think that College life will be so easy and good. Faculty will only teach us subject which are related to computer science like Algorithms, Data Structures, Database management, java, softwares , programming etc.
I used to think so because I knew I will be doing B.Tech COMPUTER SCIENCE. As the name says, I must be studying subjects related to computers.
But the sad reality is:
Wait, let me show you the list of subjects we studied in first semester!


engineering syllabus india

Now, let me show you the syllabus for second semester!

engineering second semester syllabus

Now, look at the both pics(first and second year syllabus), how many subjects related to computer science do you see? Just two(one subject per semester)! Seems enough for first year right? Well, that means that you will be studying only two subjects of computer science in a year. Now let me tell you about the truth of that one subject of computer science in first and second semester. If you have C++ as a subject in your school life then you may know, How much time it takes to reach from basic programming to Linked Lists? It takes a year or more to learn effectively, right?
But here, in college, whether you are beginner or not, you will be taught all these concepts are will be forced to end these up in just 3.5 months. Now you will ask where are rest of the months of the semester? You will not be taught computer science everyday, and you will also get vacations. As a conclusion, I have various classmates with me who can’t code.

Now, I will talk about other subjects.
Do you hate making practical files for chemistry, physics in schools? And do you think that you will get rid of it in colleges? You are completely wrong buddy!
In colleges, you have to make very heavy practical files, observation copies for subjects like Mechanics, Mechanical measurements, Chemistry, mechanical workshop, Computer Science.
A lot of assignments will be given to you, and you will not be able to run away, because they contribute for CGPA.
In general, the college timings are 9:00AM – 4:00PM .
After all this, when you will reach home, you will be so tired that you will not be able to work on your passion(programing), and if somehow you will be able to manage time for studying, you will remember that you have to submit 3 assignments tomorrow 🙁 .
And don’t think that the physics and chemistry will be of your level! No! You will be taught engineering physics, engineering chemistry and engineering mathematics which are higher level studies.


Attending college will not be mandatory for everyone

One of the facts that makes school a better place than college is that in schools, you just have to submit an application to your teacher about being sick/busy and not attending the school. But here, nothing will be accepted, your attendance percentage will be deducted and if it reaches below mandatory mark, you will not be able to appear for examinations.


Faculties are well educated and experienced

I will not talk about every college and every teacher, but still there are many teachers in college who don’t have any idea about what he is teaching to students. Sometimes, they stuck in between when a random student cross questions about the topic.



How do expect a college to give jobs to all 4000-5000 students? That’s not possible! It is just a trap!


Everybody will get a girlfriend






Engineering is not the worst thing in the world. You might be thinking that “If it sucks this much, why people are still running behind it?” , that’s because they have seen other people doing the same thing. For sure, you also wanna do B.Tech because you have seen someone else doing the same. Also, this worthless course(B.Tech) is important because most of the companies asks for the graduation certificate of B.Tech.

Don’t get fascinated by the great and beautiful buildings, location and environment of the college, It is again a trap!

That’s on you whether you can manage time to cover things up or not. But if you are planning to achieve something bigger in life, and if you wanna utilize every second of your life in studying , then don’t do B.Tech, because you will study everything, but you will not become master in anything.

After 4 years, when you will come out of college, you will have nothing to prove how intelligent are you. This is because there will be thousands of other engineers like you , searching for job! If you look inside yourself and ask yourselves “What I learned in these 4 years?” , then you will realize that:
1. You learned to code, but didn’t learned how to make an efficient code.
2. You learned about databases, but not about securing them.
3. You learned how to code in Java, but now how to make apps through it.



What should you do now?

If you are planning to choose the tough path(self study), then I will advice you to take admission in a dumb college where the percentage doesn’t matter, attendance is not mandatory and fees is less. In such a college, you will get enough time to prepare yourself for competitive exams like CCNA, CEH , OCJP etc. And the value of those exam certificates will be better than the B.Tech degree which other people are having.



The above article is based on my personal opinion and is not targeted to any specific college. Kindly choose your path wisely.

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