Top 5 Best Ceiling Fans Right Now

Top 5 Best Ceiling Fans Right Now

Ceiling fans are a popular fixture in homes today, but they go beyond that. The best technology is now available in various styles that will enhance your décor.

Because they are so inexpensive and use less energy than air conditioners, ceiling fans are among the most widespread electrical appliances in Indian homes. The best ceiling fans from Luminous are technologically sophisticated with an equal emphasis on attractive appearance.

Here is a list of the top ceiling fans in India to assist you in choosing which one to buy for your home:

1. Rapid Chest White (1200MM)

From every viewpoint, the Fast Chest White ceiling fan radiates pure elegance. Its strong motor produces excellent performance, guaranteeing consistent air delivery. The fan’s motor is specially made to have a lower temperature rise and a longer lifespan.

Rapid Chest White has an excellent high-gloss, long-lasting paint finish. The fan has a speed of 380 RPM, which can quickly cool off a room. It was meticulously developed for an astounding performance using only 70 watts of power without sacrificing performance.

2. Hi, Air Desert Storm

The brown ceiling fan may give your house a classical yet timeless feel. Hi, Air Desert Storm Cedar is one of the best ceiling fans in India, thanks to its 1200 mm vast, simple, and beautiful design.

It uses 72 watts of power and delivers effective air delivery at a speed of 250 CMM. It has a larger motor and a sleek, stylish appearance.

3. Jaipur Ghoomar Makrana White

Jaipur’s wealthy way of living influenced this ceiling fan’s design. While the broader blades provide stronger air push, the golden embossing on the blades will transport you to the era of the kings. Indian filigree art is use to create the fan’s motor. It has a body made entirely of pure aluminium and is devoid of rust and corrosion. The fan uses 75 watts of power and spins at a speed of 350 RPM. With this fan’s high air delivery output, enjoy stress-free comfort.

4. New York Tiffany Alice White (1200MM)

The New York Tiffany White’s elegant appearance will aid in revitalising your home’s appearance as a whole. Wider blades are use in the fan’s design to improve air thrust. The fan is straightforward to maintain and clean.

New York Tiffany uses a BLDC motor, which reduces energy consumption by 50%. The power used by this 3-blade fan is 35 watts. The fan spins at a speed of 330 RPM and has a 1.2M sweep size. The chic New York Tiffany will enhance your environment.

5. Rio BelAir Prata Silver (1200MM)

Rio BelAir’s sleek and polished finish makes it one of the top ceiling fans in India. The fan was made using a blend of contemporary and vintage styles. The first automobile BelAir, which had a hubcap plate inside the wheel, inspired its design. The fan needs 75 watts of power to run at 380 RPM. The hubcap plate is always visible due to the fan’s fully functioning design, even while it is in use. Consider using a Rio BelAir ceiling fan to adorn your house!

You can purchase some of the best ceiling fans Luminous offers in traditional and classic contemporary designs. These fans not only have fantastic performances but will also improve the look of your home.

Bring home the Luminous ceiling fan right away, without a doubt!

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