Change IMEI Number of iPhone (Without Jailbreak)

change iphone imei

Change IMEI Number of iPhone: Each smart electronic communication device has its IMEI number, which is used to verify it on the cellular network. A device such as a PC, laptop, smartphone, and smartwatch has an IMEI number on the back or other parts.

Likewise, iPhones also have IMEI numbers that differ from each other. It is impossible to change the IMEI number, as the number is assigned only by the device manufacturer. In our case, Apple gives each iOS device a unique IMEI number.

But many tools on the internet can temporarily change the iPhone IMEI number even without jailbreaking it. If you don’t know what jailbreaking is, let me tell you, jailbreaking is the process of granting all administrative privileges to the device.

Once your iPhone is jailbroken, you will perform various tasks not authorized by the manufacturers, like changing the IMEI number of the iPhone. Today I will show how to change the iPhone IMEI number.


How do I change the iPhone IMEI number?

The method is straightforward. All you have to do is download a tool on the PC to change the iPhone’s IMEI number. But before we go any further, let me tell you that the device will only work on iPhones that are already jailbroken.

It means you have to jailbreak your iPhone first, and then you can change the iPhone’s IMEI number. To jailbreak iPhone, you can use many tools available online. One of the most popular tools is Cydia which can easily jailbreak any iOS device.


Things to Consider Before Changing IMEI Number

  • You should know one point before changing the IMEI number of the iPhone or any jailbroken iOS device.
  • Changing the iPhone IMEI number requires jailbreaking the iPhone.
  • Changing the iPhone’s IMEI number will void your warranty. It means your iPhone is no longer covered by the warranty, so think twice before you do.
  • Changing the IMEI number of a stolen device is illegal, so don’t even think about it.
  • I hope you understand the point above and are ready to change the IMEI number. Otherwise, close the site and enjoy your day.


 Steps to change iPhone IMEI number

Step 1. Before changing the iPhone IMEI number, you need to know the original iPhone IMEI number. You can quickly get it by dialling * # 06 # on the iPhone dialer. It will display the current IMEI number of the original iPhone.

Step 2. Jailbreak your device. As I said earlier, the method only works on a jailbroken iPhone. Use Cydia to jailbreak your iPhone.

Step 3. Download a PC tool called Ziphone to change the iPhone IMEI number directly from the PC. It is available free for Windows. Download them here.

Step 4. Once the tool is downloaded, extract it using any unzip software like WinRAR or 7Zip.

Step 5. Boot your iPhone into recovery mode. To do this, hold down the Sleep / Wake and Power buttons until the Apple logo appears on the screen. Then release the Sleep / Wake button, and a wired iTunes logo will appear on the screen.

Step 6. Now open the extracted Ziphone folder on Windows PC and press the Shift key on the keyboard, right-click on space and select “Open command window here”.

Step 7. Open the command window, type “iPhone”, and press Enter.

Step 8. Enter ziphone -u -i a123456789012345 (replace 123456789012345 with the IMEI number of your choice).


How to change iPhone IMEI number without jailbreaking

Command windows now take about 2-3 minutes to change the iPhone IMEI number and automatically restart the iPhone. Congratulations, you have successfully changed your iPhone IMEI number.

To know your new IMEI number, dial * # 06 # in the iPhone dialer, and you will be asked for the new iPhone IMEI number.


Wrapping Up

Changing the iPhone IMEI number is very easy if you have a jailbroken iPhone. Please note, however, that this will void the device’s warranty. So get it right, it can also cause your iPhone to skip. Never try to change the IMEI number of a stolen device.

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