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Hello readers, I have seen various people who are interested in technology and want to learn coding but are not able to do due to stream restriction. For an example, most of the students of Arts and Commerce think that coding is too hard and they can’t learn it.
While this is not true. I am currently a College student in DIT University and studying computer science there. Know about me here  .
Though I am familiar with coding since class 6th but still I can guess where the problem lies , how one can overcome and become a good coder.

Why I am writing this article?

I have classmates and some friends who are new to coding world and they are finding every concept a rocket science. As I have seen college faculty of computer science, they have required knowledge but their teaching method is totally crap and can’t help new students. If you are facing the same problem, then this article will be helpful to you! This article got solutions related to time management for coding in real college situations.


Why you can’t expect anything from your college?

coding university

As you know the syllabus of B.Tech in which you don’t have to deal with only computer science, but also with secondary subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Humanities, Communication etc. All these subjects are assigned with an advance level. Thats why, there is no chance that you can go home and and learn programming effectively along with other subjects also. Those useless assignments and projects also gonna kill your time.


How to manage time for learning coding?
coding time management

I have no perfect answer to this question, so i will tell you what I am doing for this. This may work for you or maybe not, so please choose the way on your own risk. So, here’s what I am doing:

Thinking more wisely, I don’t care about marks! Though I want to pass the exams so that I can apply for placement companies in college. But, my ultimate focus is on coding. I reach home, do code daily without caring about other subjects.

Many of you will be like:  “I am spending more than 8 lakhs on B.Tech, why shouldn’t I study secondary subjects also!”, This is the most weird reply I have ever got.

Come on guys, nobody gonna ask you to calculate the wavelength of a sinusoidal wave and other crap in future. You will be judged by your aptitude, attitude, personality and your computer science knowledge.

So you should better focus on your skills and knowledge and not in impressing teachers by doing their work!


How to manage other subjects?

coding other subjects books

Computer science is important, but to be eligible to sit in computer science companies, you must have more than average grades in other subjects also.

So, to cover those subjects as well, you can revise what you have learned today in college, it will hardly take more than one hour (I am not personally following this). Yeah, you will not become expert in those subjects but you can still score to some extent.

And the best way I can guess is: “Maintain good relationship with teachers”, hang around them, ask them serious questions so that they can see you as a serious student (while you are actually not). But don’t try to be so much close to them that your classmates start hating you.

How this will be helpful to you: Well, you can bunk classes and study computer science and ask teacher to give you attendance, he/she might give you because of your relationship with them. And also, there are chances that you may get good/passing marks in examination when you are not able to manage. Isn’t it great?

P.S.  I am bad in impressing teachers too 🙁


How to learn coding from the basics and how much?

how much coding

There are many books which can teach you basic coding but still you will not be able to be a good programmer because those books can’t drive you deep in computers, they don’t have any practical life example. With those books, you will become a programmer but you will never be able to build good logics.

To program well, you must build a good relationship with your computer and try to explore it as much as possible.

I would recommend these books to learn coding in C language:

  1. Head first C   : this book will provide you a child like interface considering you as a complete noob in coding.
  2. Let Us C : this book covers some of the important and uncovered topics in Head first book.

How much:

When I was in high school, my interest got diverted to app development! I decide that I will focus on developing apps for android and PC. But soon, I got to know that basics are the most important things. You must have clear and good basics so that you can implement your knowledge in a neat way.

So, I will recommend you to spend more than one year on basics. Don’t worry about advance programming, once you are done with basics, learning advance is not a big deal.


Important talk:

Here are some points which I wanna share with you so that you can hang on easily:

  1. Don’t try to learn several programming languages, choose any two or three and explore them deeply so that you can list the names of some languages in which you are confident.
  2. Stay tuned with technology, not knowing how to format windows on PC and calling yourself a programmer doesn’t make sense.
  3. Choose one field! I mean, don’t dive into CSS and Javascript if you are not interested in web development.
  4. Code beyond the limits! Just knowing sorting, Fibonacci, reverse, pattern programs will not make you a great programmer for sure. Try something more logical and different!
  5. Be down to earth!


Always reply in NO to people asking you if you are a PROGRAMMER or not, cause you know you can’t stand on their high expectations!

~ Shashank Barthwal
(founder of Techymoon.com)



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