What Is Okta And What Do You Do With It?

what is okta

Are you also looking to cut down on each employee’s monthly time? By logging in with one login, Workspace 365 allows you to access all of your apps. What technology are we using? This blog will provide details about One of the integrated systems we utilize in Workspace and 365: Okta. Learn more about what Okta does and how you could make use of it to do.

Never needing another password

It’s a great idea, isn’t it? Okta is a place of Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) category, which gives you and your colleagues access to all other (company) software with one login.

One can access Okta on a laptop, computer, or mobile device, allowing users to access their applications whenever and wherever. However, this should be carried out safely, a s securing access to apps is crucial, especially in this digital transformation era, where increasing numbers of organizations are switching to cloud-based solutions.

Reduce time and work more efficiently

Okta states that when you use this service, you can log in as much as 50 percent more quickly. In addition, they guarantee that when you call the help desk at your company, there’s a 50% decrease in the number of login-related queries. Last but not least, when you as a business choose to purchase an additional company or join forces with another business in the future, the IT integration will be five times quicker. It can save you and your company much time and allows you to concentrate on the most important issues.

Are my data secure with Okta?

Today, many people use laptops in different locations other than working hours or check their emails via mobile phones. With all these changes, we require more than simply the password. Okta is also known as the most modern version of Single Sign-On. To make Single Sign-On as secure as you can, you could make use of the MFA (Multi-Factor authentication) of Okta. By using this method, you can confirm your identity not just using your password but also by using an additional option of your choice.

For instance, using the pin code will be sent to your mobile via SMS or using fingerprints or a push notification from the Okta Verify application. Also, it protects your information with numerous security safeguards and controls inspected by third parties.

What industries are Okta the most popular in?

Many users use Okta across various industries, from small-scale businesses to large corporations with hundreds of thousands of staff. Okta is used extensively in the health care industries, similar to Workspace, which works 365 days a year. In the field of education, Okta helps educational institutions and their students as well as their employees across the globe to be more efficient.

In healthcare, for instance, patient’s data is secure with the help of Okta. Okta is also extensively used in financial services, non-profit organizations, tourism, and leisure, as well as in energy, technology as well as the government. Okta offers applications that can connect using Single Sign-On in all of these fields

Do I need this plug-in? Okta plug-in?

It’s not always. It is only necessary to install the Okta plug-in when your administrator has granted apps permission to utilize Secure Web Authentication (SWA). If your organization utilizes SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) applications, you don’t need to install the Okta plug-in.

Workspace 365 and Okta

In Workspace 365, we have integrated various Single Sign-On solutions such as Okta. We are also constantly seeking new solutions to integrate. With Okta, you can choose from over 6,000 applications across various branches. Every day, new applications are added, and they continuously keep track of the status and manage connections.

A health facility with 3,000 employees could utilize, for instance, Okta along with Workspace 365 because they want to organize their work effectively and securely. Okta is an ideal option because they provide single sign-on to all apps. It can save a lot of time and allows access to apps in the digital Workspace using just one login.

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