How To Fix Sim Not Mounted Error (Easy Methods)

How To Fix Sim Not Mounted Error (Easy Methods)

That will get you in trouble when you get a sim not mounted error while installing a new sim card or changing a sim card, as this is not your usual mobile error that can be tenable immediately. We will talk about how to fix SIM not mounted error – tutorial in this article. Let’s start!

For significant Android devices like Samsung, Oneplus, MI, and Huawei, Sim not provisioned or Sim not provided for voice is a standard error. Some troubleshooting techniques below may not work on all computers, but you can always try another method.

Before we continue, let’s learn more about what this suggests and why this error occurs.

What Does SIM Not Provisioned Mean?

Most errors on Google devices and some other devices are common. The Sim not provisioned for voice error means you can’t make calls, but you can connect to the internet and do all other things. There could also be an issue with the UI not loading.

There can be numerous reasons for this error, and we also list some of them:

Reasons for the message “Sim not provided”.

  • Each time a new SIM card,
  • When you trade sims.
  • Network problem, no coverage area, even in cloudy weather.
  • The SIM card company’s servers are not accessible in most cases.

There can be many other reasons behind this error, but the issues listed above are common and can quickly dwindle with a few techniques.

What Is A SIM Card Not Provisioned For Voice Error?

“The SIM card is not the future for the voice” is a growing misconception among many. That typically occurs on devices linked to the Google Fi network (a grouping of cellular and Wi-Fi networks).”

This error usually means you cannot make voice calls either. The following steps should also help.

What Does SIM 2 Not Mounted Error Mean?

If a number comes up with a SIM not provided error, it’s almost certainly because you’re using a dual SIM phone. Each slot is come to, so you can see errors like SIM 1 not deployed and SIM 2 not deployed. It simply means that if you follow step two below, you’ll go through the process twice for each SIM card.

Easy Ways To Solution Sim Not Provisioned Mistakes

Restart the phone

It may seem unlikely, but you can also fix SIM 2 not mounted error simply by turning off your phone.

To restart your phone, follow the usual steps and then wait. A few moments later, you will see that the error message has disappeared and your SIM card has been ambitious successfully.

Insert the SIM card correctly

It is also possible that an incorrectly inserted SIM card is the cause of this problem. If so, the telephone should turn off, and the SIM card would be aloof. Also, carefully inspect the SIM card removed from the device to ensure it is not damaged. If necessary, the contact points should be indifferent with a soft cloth. Reinsert the SIM card and turn on your phone.

Check if the SIM card still does not give MM#2 error.

To check if the SIM card is correct, turn off your phone and then locate the SIM postcard:

  • If you have an older or inexpensive phone, you can find the SIM card by opening the back. You may need to eliminate the battery to access the SIM card slot.
  • The SIM card slot is typically bent on the device’s side for flagship phones or those without a replaceable battery. Usually, it is a SIM card insertion case, which requires a small SIM card ejector tool to open. Look for a small hole on the side of your phone, then press the SIM card eject tool.

Note: Make sure you remove the SIM card, not the micro SD memory card.

It can also be challenging to remove the SIM card. If it’s a removable battery, you may need to use tweezers or pull it out from the bottom. Wipe it off and wipe it down quickly with a lint-free cloth when the SIM card is aloof.

Then replace the clean SIM card as instructed, making sure to insert it. There is usually a label or engraving next to the SIM card slot to indicate the correct orientation of the SIM.

Replace the SIM card in your handset and then turn it back on. The “SIM not provided” error should no longer appear. In this case, try the SIM card on another phone.

Activate Your SIM Card

In most cases, the SIM card will be automatically underway within 24 hours of being inserted into a new phone. If this does not happen, there are generally three ways to enable activation:

  • An automatic call number
  • Send a text message
  • Log in to the beginning page of the operative’s website

These options are quick and easy, depending on whether your carrier supports them. Your SIM valentine should be happening in most cases, and the SIM not riding error should be set.

Contact Your Wireless Service Provider Or Network Provider

If the SIM card doesn’t activate, it’s time to call your carrier or network (from another device!). Explain the error message to them and the steps you have taken.

As mentioned above, an issue with the activation server may prevent your SIM card from Activating. That would affect the “SIM not provisioned” error note.

When analyzing the problem, your provider usually keeps you online. If there is a problem with the activation server, there may be a delay in activating the SIM card. On the plus side, you have a reason for the error and a possible resolution date.

Get A New SIM Card

You can call your network for this, but you’ll probably find going to a local phone shop is quicker. Better yet, a branch or franchise in your network.

You can run some SIM card diagnostics and hopefully fix SIM not supplied with an MM2 error. As part of the diagnostic process, don’t worry if they repeat some of the steps you’ve already tried.

That shouldn’t be a problem if you need a new SIM card. The store has the tools to manage and match the change to your account with the original SIM card.

Fixed MM 2 SIM Not Provisioned Error

Please note that only mobile devices that use SIM cards are affected by this bug. These fixes will work as extensively as the SIM card is compatible and fits in the slot.

At this point, you should understand why you are getting the error message “SIM not provided MM2” on your phone. Remember that you have five options to resolve this error:

  • Restart your phone,
  • Ensure that the SIM card inserts appropriately.
  • Activate SIM card successfully
  • Get a new SIM card

If none of these solutions works, you must contact your carrier or network provider to request a replacement card.


Alright, that’s all, friends! I hope you enjoy this article on unprovisioned SIM cards and find it helpful. Please let us know your thoughts if you have any further questions or issues related to this item.

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