The Top 4 Free Tools to Run Your Business

The Top 4 Free Tools to Run Your Business

It takes a lot of effort, sweat, and coffee to transform a brilliant idea into a genuine, working business.

There are papers to sign, people to call, emails to send, and tweets to post. In other words, you never have a scarcity of daily tasks.

You could hire many more people, but that wouldn’t be a wise business decision if you didn’t have the funds to bring on new employees immediately.

The problem is that while controlling costs is an important aspect of the solution, it can be difficult to locate the appropriate tools to make daily tasks simpler.

We’ve created a list of essential free tools that are completely free for anyone running a business because of this. Without them, you won’t know how you did your job, from management tools to keep your team on track to heat mapping software to help inspire your website design.

Free Resources to Manage Your Business


Have you ever wanted to send an email on a Friday but didn’t want it to spend the weekend getting lost in the recipient’s mailbox? You can create an email and schedule it to be sent later with Boomerang for Gmail.

That’s not all, though. Other additional features in Boomerang are intended to simplify your life. For instance, you can choose which emails you’d like to temporarily archive until you need them if your inbox is becoming out of control. Simply choose the time and date you’d like it to appear again, and it will. Magical.

CRM HubSpot

Speed is important in sales. Consider this: Your salespeople may be losing a transaction to a rival while searching through their inboxes for prospect information.

By giving representatives access to a thorough history of their contacts with a prospect, HubSpot CRM helps sales teams work more productively. HubSpot CRM is different from other systems in that it is both automatic and intuitive, making it simple for users to log emails, make call recordings, and manage their data. Reps are less likely to send redundant emails or waste their time on uninterested prospects when they have easy access to touch points like this.


Canva is a user-friendly platform that enables designers and non-designers to create designs and documents without much specialised knowledge.

Users now have everything they need to create eye-catching designs for presentations, social media, reports, and even business cards thanks to features like drag-and-drop capability, free icons and shapes, libraries of typefaces, and practical templates.

To learn more about design 101, branding, colour theory, design trends, typography, and other topics, visitors can visit Canva’s Design School.

Google Analytics

The website of Google Analytics states that its products “may help you translate consumer insights into action for your organisation.”

The free services offered by Google Analytics aims at helping small businesses make their websites more user-friendly and perform better. Not only does the solution give you the tools you need to report on the development of your website each month, but these insights can also help you get to know your visitors better so you can design a marketing campaign that keeps them coming back.


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