A Look Back at Five of the Funniest Caster Moments in Esports History

A Look Back at Five of the Funniest Caster Moments in Esports History

To make money from esports, you don’t need to be highly skilled with a controller. Even if you lack the necessary skills to play professionally, you may still make money from your passion for video games.

An annual income of $75,000 is attainable if you have experience with streaming platforms and the dedication to regularly releasing new material and looking to have your work praised. Casters now have their category at the Esports Awards. However, you’ll likely avoid some of the errors these casters made if you want to succeed and get respect in this industry.

5. A Caster Caught 40 Winks

Esports competitions are pretty brief in comparison to a regular match of tennis or football. Even the most protracted battle ever, a Dota 2 contest between ScaryFaceZ and Cloud9, lasted just slightly less than three and a half hours. Epic games like these are uncommon, and beat-up battles are over in a matter of minutes. Luke Ainsworth, a caster, had no justification for dozing off during a 2021 Winter Brawl match.

4.No sound? Not a problem

When commentating on Street Fighter, Casters Lee Chung and Yipes had no issue staying up. However, they did have some technological problems. The two stepped in and came up with a brilliant solution when they realized the match they were viewing wasn’t transmitting any audio. The two rolled up their sleeves and started working on some questionable sound effects instead of attempting to address the issue. Whether or not they were true depends on who you ask, but they were able to prevent their audience from losing interest.

3. Missing a Flight Doesn’t Mean the World Is Over

Because esports are internet-friendly, casters can cover the action from almost anywhere. Nothing compares to hearing a live commentary from casters at the arena, though. 2015 saw the scheduled departure of well-known casting trio Daniel Kapadia, James Bardolph, and Bj√∂rn Kers to Valencia, Spain, to cover DreamHack. However, the three couldn’t actually make it to the location. The trio played dress-up and pretended they were there rather than bringing in a local to offer on-the-spot reportage. It’s another thing entirely whether someone genuinely believed the hoax.

2. Xyclopz Misunderstands Everyone

Fanatics of Dota 2 are likely familiar with Treephob ‘Xyclopz’ Tiangtrong. Since starting to broadcast in 2015, this Thai broadcaster has swiftly developed a cult following. But it’s not his in-the-moment observations that have made him so popular with followers. Instead, it’s just how haphazard he is in his speech. We’re not discussing unconventional ideas, either. Even when it’s at its finest, Xyclopz’s commentary almost never makes sense. You can find it challenging to understand a single phrase on a bad day. He chose to introduce the Street Fighter crowd at Thaiger Uppercut, the most fantastic beat-em-up competition in Thailand, after confounding Dota 2 for years. Naturally, his observations were much more bizarre than usual.

1. Two Filipino actors establish themselves in the industry

The IEM Katowice in 2018 was a must-see event. With all eyes on him following his significant return, legendary Korean player Fnatic. Lon and Dunno, two Filipino broadcasters, were present to cover the event for their fans back home. Lon and Dunno were unable to suppress their excitement when Fnatic performed his magic on the screen. Their irrational responses rapidly grabbed the attention of the English audience. Finally, Valve paid tribute to the duo by including one of their soundbites in the League of Legends chat wheel.

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