7 Gaming Setups for Small Spaces

7 Gaming Setups for Small Spaces

Small Room Gaming Setups Ideas: Perhaps you’re a college student trying to figure out how to fit a good gaming PC into your dorm room. Perhaps you live in a major city and have limited gaming space in your flat or condo. You could even be a new or soon-to-be parent relocating your gaming rig to create a place for cribs, playpens, and other baby necessities.

Whatever the cause, many people must reduce their PC gaming sets to a smaller space than they would want. But don’t worry; you may still have an outstanding setup that provides a comfortable area to relax and enjoy your favourite games! Consider these seven suggestions while creating your tiny PC gaming system.

1. Select a computer with a smaller form factor.

Whether creating a custom build or purchasing a prebuilt gaming PC, many alternatives for robust PCs provide greater power in a smaller package. Compact gaming PCs come in various shapes and sizes, including some with vertical cases that minimise their footprint, and the majority use either micro-ATX or mini-ITX motherboards.

What kind of performance can a tiny PC provide? It all relies on your resources and gaming preferences, as usual. Many of today’s affordable tiny PCs perform well in popular games like Overwatch or League of Legends. Still, it’s not hard to obtain (or build) mini PCs capable of running current AAA titles. However, remember that these can be more expensive and difficult to make than equivalent full-sized rigs.

2. Wall-mount your display (or other significant setup components).

If you own your home or condo, wall-mounting various system components might free up much room. Monitors are the most popular choice because gamers prefer the largest available display or a multi-display arrangement. However, there’s no reason you can’t mount additional system components on the walls, such as your speakers or tower. Just make careful to mount it into studs rather than plasterboard.

For renters and students who don’t always have the option of wall mounting, a monitor arm can be a cost-effective alternative, allowing you to position your display exactly how you want it. Some gamers like to add a finishing touch by wall mounting a hanging shelf or pegboard where they can keep items like gaming headphones or controllers within easy reach.

3. Accept the lofted bed/desk combination.

Here’s one for college students or anyone with a genuinely cramped workspace. A lofted bed with a desk beneath will free up lots of space for a small combat station while providing a comfortable sleeping area. Are you concerned about keeping your flatmate up at night? Create the gamer cave of your dreams by draping a curtain around the workstation.

Again, careful measuring will be beneficial. You’ll need to know the exact dimensions of the area, the loft bed, and any furniture you’ll be putting underneath it. Don’t forget to bring a little fan to keep yourself calm. Because of the tight environment and the heat from the gadgets, your paradise may become a touch hot.

4. Purchase a high-quality small desk.

Are you looking to reduce the overall size of your setup without sacrificing performance? Purchase a little office or gaming desk. These desks use several design tactics to maximise space, including multi-tiered designs that keep your monitor and keyboard at the optimum height and an “L” shape that transforms any Turn a corner of a room into your ultimate fighting station.
You don’t even have to look particularly for a gaming desk.

Many office desks include your desired features, such as cord organisers or a tower shelf. Pay attention to the ergonomics, however. You’ll most likely want something with plenty of leg and elbow room during gaming sessions.

5. Insert accent lighting to create the desired atmosphere.

Even if your gaming space is only one corner of the room, some well-chosen lighting can transform it into a relaxing environment. String lights and basic LED light strips are the most basic possibilities. These provide a significant improvement over harsh overhead lighting, and they are simple to adjust and customise into a design that works for you.

Many gamers, however, want to go a step further and have full-on RGB LED illumination, even in a modest setup. Fortunately, there are numerous options! Most gaming hardware manufacturers sell RGB-enabled mice, keyboards, casings, and other items. If you want to maximise versatility while minimising the trouble of syncing colours on separate hardware, an all-in-one LED system can provide a lot of bang for your buck — and most have a small footprint.

6. Take charge of your cords and cables.

A tangle of cords on your desk can take up a lot of space in your setup, so tackling cable management head-on is an essential element of maximising space! Here are some of the best wire management ideas for a small PC gaming setup:

When dealing with power cords, use a cable raceway to concentrate your cables onto a single path.
If your desk lacks cable management holes, consider making your own. It’s much simpler than you think!
Think about getting a wireless mouse, keyboard, and headset. Today’s versions have eliminated the lag of prior generations and can make a difference in cable reduction.
Get a set of cable clips and use them to tame any troublesome cables.

7. Make side-by-side configurations with your flatmate or significant other.

Sometimes, two persons require gaming sets in a tight space. If so, have you considered adding a section with side-by-side setups?

The benefit of this strategy is that sharing truly is caring! In a compact flat, you won’t have to worry about finding two distinct rooms, and you can share items like power outlets, storage space, or even a double computer desk if you want. Furthermore, gaming next to one another may be fun, especially if you play together.

This is not for everyone! Certain people will drive each other insane gaming next to each other, while certain areas are simply insufficient. However, this notion may be worth considering if you are a highly social gamer!

Gaming is all about the experience, so don’t allow a limited place to keep you from having the best time possible! Although a compact setup may necessitate a little extra forethought, it is entirely possible, and the results are stunning.

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