In The Future, Honey May Be Used To Make Computer Chips.

In The Future, Honey May Be Used To Make Computer Chips.

Researchers believe neuromorphic computer chips may become unique and biodegradable.

For fast and long-lasting computing, a team of scientists from Washington State University (WSU) said honey-based chips should be developed because they have enough power to mimic the functioning of neurons in the brain.

Researchers have shown that it is possible to make computer chips from honey.

First, it’s hard to imagine how scientists could make a computer chip out of honey. However, according to a digital trends report, this idea is feasible, and WSU researchers can show why.

This innovation might be the catalyst for neuromorphic computing in addition to being an environmentally friendly component. Speaking of neuromorphic, it can simply mimic the functionality of the neuro-biological structures found in the nervous system.

Even though it’s technically conceivable, the human brain still outperforms this bio-based microprocessor in terms of power. Even though we know that computers can process millions of pieces of data at once, issue analysis still lags behind.

In terms of neuromorphic computing, this is an excellent development for linking the human brain to a specific technology. It is impressive to see a computer mimic the complete structure of the human system, which could be used to build the best computer.

How Scientists Used Honey To Make Memristors

In their latest study, the scientists developed a honey-based memristor. For those who don’t know, a memristor can be compared to a transistor. It acts as a data store and processor, resembling the capacity of a human brain.

WSU engineers stated that each memristor is made 1/1000th the size of a human hair, so their number could exceed millions or even billions.

In developing this component, study co-author Feng Zhao and his team used natural honey. It was first solidified and placed between two metal electrodes representing the synapse.

The results showed impressive computing power and can be considered neuromorphic computing. We no longer have to worry about disposal as it is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

What Makes Honey A Good Component For Making Computer Chips?

“Honey does not spoil. It has a low moisture concentration, so bacteria cannot survive. It means that these computer chips are stable and reliable for a long time,” Zhao said, writing PCGamer in your report.

Zhao added that these naturally made computer chips could be dissolved in water. This particular property makes honey a suitable ingredient for developing a cutting-edge biotechnological invention.

To learn more about Zhao and Brandon Sueoka’s study Memristive Synaptic Device Based on Natural Organic Material: Honey for Neural Networks Enriched with Biodegradable Neuromorphic Systems, please visit IOP Science for more information.

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