IoT Revolution Technology: Changing Your Small Company

IoT Revolution Technology: Changing Your Small Company

IoT Revolution Technology – Our world is being revolutionized and multiplied by the Internet of Things (IoT). According to recent predictions, there will be 29 billion internet-connected IoT devices by the end of 2022. Both that and the potential it presents are enormous. Unfortunately, many small firms haven’t taken full advantage of this new industrial revolution, leaving it to giant corporations.

The enormous initial cost of IoT equipment and technologies impedes small firms from embracing this technological revolution. Recall that you can apply for certain accessible and reasonable small business loans as a small firm to implement these technologies.

What Is the Revolution in the Internet of Things?

All intelligent gadgets that can connect to the internet and gather and share data are IoT (Internet of Things) devices. These gadgets have sophisticated technology and sensors that allow them to connect and exchange data with numerous other smart gadgets online.

Devices connected to the IoT ecosystem can better gather, analyze, and share the data.

Smartphones, smartwatches, cars, refrigerators, microwaves, laptops, and even homes are examples of intelligent devices. A data-sharing revolution powered by technology is being created due to this contact.

Excellent IoT Applications for Small Businesses

1. Streamlining the supply chain

Inventory that is in transit is track using connected trackers by shipping trackers. These trackers can offer real-time information on the state of the cargo being transported. To guarantee that fragile or perishable goods arrive in useable condition, this is especially helpful when transshipping them.

Logistics companies can use IoT tools to give real-time data while remotely tracking goods en route. Customers receive better service, and strict adherence to transportation regulations is enforced.

2. RFID-based inventory tracking

Small merchants can use RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags to automatically track inventory and update records. Retailers can quickly replenish products since they will have an accurate, up-to-the-second inventory record. Due to its ability to track inventory inside the store, this technology is also helpful in preventing inventory loss.

3. Wireless locks

You can increase the security of your commercial space while also taking advantage of intelligent locks’ simplicity. In addition, a record of who open the door is kept for reference. Securely secure sensitive areas, such as your offices and retail sites, and restrict access to those who are permit.

4. HVAC and intelligent lighting

Bright lighting and thermostats can save your company a tonne of money and be convenient. Turning off the lights and controlling the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning) won’t concern you. Intelligent lighting and thermostat purchases are wise business moves that immediately pay themselves.

Considering the savings you’ll inevitably experience on your monthly utility bills, this technology is worthwhile. Also, these technologies include energy-saving components like LED lights. Apply for some accessible small business loans if your company needs funding to take advantage of these advantages.

5. cameras that are linked

Comparing connected cameras to traditional closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems reveals how much less expensive the former is. High-end cameras have enormous cloud storage capacities and may record excellent-quality videos if you have a dependable internet connection. When necessary, you can evaluate the content whenever you like.

Although you would need to renew your membership to use these services, they are less expensive than installing CCTV cameras.

6. voice-activated devices

You may focus on more interesting business-related issues by connecting a voice assistant to your calendar and other mundane duties. Voice assistants are gradually becoming an essential requirement for company operations. You can use Google Assistant to schedule your tasks.

These IoT applications can help you expand your small business.

  • connected cameras Google Nest Cam with Reolink Argus 3 Pro
  • Wyze Lock and August WiFi Smart Lock are two examples of intelligent locks.
  • Industrial data loggers Digital Data Logger Elitech GSP-8
  • Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa Voice assistants Smart lighting fixtures:
  • Wyze Bulb and Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Lightstrip


While there are significant long-term benefits, small firms shouldn’t be deterred by the initial high cost of investing in an IoT ecosystem. IoT technologies are becoming more affordable and available to smaller enterprises as more organizations use them. You can join the IoT ecosystem as a small business owner by obtaining affordable small business financing.

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