Fix ITunes Freezes While Prepping An IPhone For Restoration

Hello, the kindly user. The iPhone is fantastic, but it frequently encounters issues; sometimes it freezes, sometimes the iPhone is trap on the Apple logo, and other times iTunes is stop in the restoration stage. On occasion, things don’t go as expected. You’ll learn how to solve this problem without becoming upset from this post. In this article we will let you know how to Fix ITunes Freezes While Prepping An IPhone For Restoration.

The Top 7 Methods to Address i Tune freezes

Anyone will grow angry if the iPhone stalls and iTunes spend an extended period setting the iPhone up for restoration. Time to share some helpful advice with you to overcome this issue
Verify the network connection
when iTunes will likely be stuck on the iPhone’s recovery process. There are occasions when iTunes is unable to connect to an Apple Server. A stable and active Wi-Fi connection is a must in these circumstances. Try using another Wi-Fi with a more incredible speed and more stable connection if your cellular data or Wi-Fi isn’t functioning correctly. Try to reset your iPhone as a result. Now that you know how to do it quickly, maybe you can.

Antivirus software must be disable

Before you begin to reset your iPhone, the next piece of advice is to deactivate the antivirus software. This is because when iTunes tries to connect to the Apple server, your antivirus program may flag it as suspicious behavior and prevent iTunes from moving on, leaving iTunes stranded on the iPhone’s recovery preparation. Therefore, ensure that the Windows is a firewall and the antivirus is turned off. In this situation, you should temporarily turn it off, if not until the reset is completed.

Use the original USB cable.

Check to see if you are using an actual Apple Certified Lightning cord as the following pro suggestion. Connecting your iPhone and PC using a genuine Lightning cable for regular work is usually advised. When preparing an iPhone for recovery, difficulties like iTunes freezing can arise if you utilize a non-original connection. While restoring or updating your iOS device, we advise using a USB 2.0 or faster connector on your PC. The firmware may be delivered to your iPhone at the needed speed using these quicker connections.

Update iTunes

It is now widely known that if iTunes is not updated to the most recent version, you will inevitably encounter several unidentified issues. One of these issues seems to be iTunes stuck on prepping iPhone for recovery. So, before using iTunes for anything else, could you update it? What you need to update iTunes on Mac and Windows is listed below:

On Mac

Open iTunes on your Mac. The “iTunes” tab at the top should have a “Check for Updates” option.
Launch iTunes on Windows, then click “Help” in the menu that appears at the top.
Select “Check for Updates” from the drop-down menu.

Do not utilize a USB Hub.

If the number of USB devices you have exceeds the number of USB ports on your computer, you presumably utilize a USB hub. When updating or restoring, it is strongly advised against using a USB hub to connect your iPhone to a computer.

Remove any USB hubs you use to connect your iPhone to the computer and make a direct connection. You may fix numerous connectivity problems on your computer using this.

Make use of a different computer

If your iPhone has frozen and iTunes is stuck on “preparing the iPhone for restoration,” there is an additional choice. It would be beneficial to give it another go on a different laptop or computer. For several reasons, your computer might not support this feature. Maybe your PC isn’t fast enough. It’s possible that iTunes is damage or USB ports aren’t functioning as expect because of dust in the contacts. The ports on your PC might not be able to accept the lightning connection. There are several causes for why iTunes could not work correctly.

Examine the hardware on the Apple Store

It is more likely that there is a hardware-related issue rather than a firmware-focused issue if none of the abovementioned approaches yield any positive results. As a result, we advise making an appointment at the local Apple Store and asking them to solve iTunes stuck on getting the iPhone ready for recovery.


You were trying to locate iTunes that was stuck on “preparing for restoration.” That iTunes occasionally fails to carry out this step is a fact. You can use the top 7 tips to fix i tunes freezes while prepping an iphone in the article above to solve this problem on your computer, and I hope it will be helpful to you. I’m hoping when you do that; you can restore your iPhone whenever you want.

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