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This page is lead by a 17 year old boy named Shashank Barthwal.

know the admin

   Shashank Barthwal
 (founder of Techymoon)


Currently, he is a student of Bachelor of Technology in Computer Sciences and Technology in DIT University, Uttarakhand.

He is a Technology enthusiast, a programmer, a web designer and an optimist. He is responsible for every activity and content in the site.

Also, he works as an Administrator, content producer and website maintainer in Techymoon.

What is the AIM:

Our ultimate aim is to make every citizen in the world, a smarter person who can think of the inside matter and also to develop a better engagement between user and technology. Thats why we provide you the logics behind daily life technology.



You can contact admin when you:

  •  wanna give a feedback to the articles.
  •  found the article has wrong details.
  •  want to suggest betterment.
  •  wanna to report someone’s comment .
  •  want your desired content to be published.
  •   found any technical error occurs.

You can contact the admin either by e-mail or by going to the contact section in menu.