What Is Online Review Management: All the Information You Need.

What Is Online Review Management: All the Information You Need.

Dental professionals understand the importance of maintaining a positive internet reputation. After all, prospective patients frequently do their homework on your practice before making an appointment. One of the first areas they’ll look at is online reviews.

Because of this, having a strong online review management plan in place is crucial. What, though, does online review management entail? And what should you do to maintain a positive online reputation for your dental practice?

We’ll address all of these queries and more in this blog post. We’ll review everything you need to know about managing internet reviews, including how to respond to favorable and bad reviews. A few useful online review management solutions will also be covered.

If you’re starting or looking to improve your current plan, read on for some useful advice.

What Is Management of Online Reviews?

Monitoring and addressing internet evaluations of your company is the practice of managing online reviews. This can involve constantly visiting websites like Yelp and Facebook to setting up Google Alerts to track new reviews.

Because prospective patients frequently conduct research about your practice before making an appointment, it’s crucial to have a solid online review management system in place. Online reviews are one of the first places people will look. A recent study found that 72% of patients feel that favorable online evaluations are a key consideration when selecting a physician.

How to Increase Positive Comments

Several strategies can be used to persuade your clients to write favorable evaluations.

Asking them is one approach. After their appointment, you can do this or send them a thank-you email or text. Additionally, many dentist offices have noticed within the building urging clients to post reviews.

Offering an incentive is one more technique to increase the number of favorable evaluations. For instance, you might provide a free teeth-whitening kit or a discount on future procedures. Make sure this is permitted by first checking with your state dentistry board.

Finally, you can use dental billing or appointment reminder software that lets customers post reviews straight from their accounts. Making it straightforward for patients to submit reviews is a wonderful method to increase their likelihood of doing so.

How to Respond to Unfavourable Reviews

There is always a potential that a patient will leave a poor review, no matter how hard you try. But don’t worry—constructive methods exist to respond to unfavorable critiques.

The patient should be contacted immediately to attempt and settle the situation. Dealing with the issue head-on will frequently be sufficient to convince the patient to remove their unfavorable review.

If the patient refuses to remove their review, the next best action is to respond publicly. This demonstrates to potential clients that you’re open to receiving input and making adjustments.

A policy for handling adverse comments is also a good idea. In this manner, you and your team will know exactly what to do if a poor internet review is left.

Tools for managing reviews online.

You can monitor your internet reputation with a few different management solutions for online reviews.

Google Alerts is a choice that enables you to get email notifications anytime new content containing your chosen keywords is published. This is a fantastic way to keep track of fresh reviews of your dental office so you can act fast as needed.

Yelp for Business Owners is another choice that gives you access to a dashboard to monitor and reply to reviews. Additionally, you can post news and special deals using this tool.


A good dental practice’s management of online reviews is crucial. You can ensure prospective patients have a favorable image of your practice by watching and reacting to online reviews. Additionally, the procedure can be streamlined and made more effective by adopting a few useful online review management solutions.

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