Programming: How to begin, which books to read and which coding language

Hello my rookie PROGRAMMERS! what…you are not, don’t worry, you will be! Here we are back with another article about programming to help people all around.

In this article, we will help the new coders or those who wanna be coders in taking initial steps.

As I have been through the long journey of programming, I am aware about most of the problems a newbie faces.

How to start learning programming?

This is the beginning of the journey thats why it is difficult and important. The one and only thing you need to do to start learning programming is to develop interest in coding. Thats all! You will be able to understand the reality and implementation of concepts in computer science only when you can think of use of computers in real life situations. So, to develop interest in coding, you should play with your computers so that you can explore them.
By exploration, I don’t mean that you should know about the entire computer system and all! Just you should know some bits about everything.
Consider a situation when you have to create a calculator software. Here, if you don’t know what a software and calculator is, you will not be able to proceed. So, to be a coder, you need to stay close to computers and operating systems.


Which coding language to choose?

programming language to choose

Worst moment is when you ask people about which programming language you should learn. They only suggest you the languages they have heard/studied. I faced the same. But now when I know about it, I can suggest you languages to study with reasons which make sense.

C : A language every programmer must know. You might have heard about C language as it is most popular language. C is a low level language but still it is called “Mother of all programming languages” . The reason behind this is that most of the old and new operating systems are derived from a popular OS named UNIX whose most part was programmed in C language. Thats why, the C language is better and easily understood by operating systems. Another reason of choosing C your first language is that it helps in improving problem solving skills as it doesn’t contain much advance functions.


Python: After the completion of low level languages like C, it is very easy to step in and understand other high level languages. In the list of high level languages, Python stands on a good rank. It is considered as one of the most powerful programming languages by various experts. It is widely used in the field of Cyber Security and Hacking. However it is not a must know for all.


Java: Java is another high level language you can learn after C. It contains very advance functions and features which will help you in programming anything. It is used in Android apps development.


Ruby: Viewing the topic with considering job opportunities as well, Ruby is the most demanded programming language of the year( I know it is different in different sites). It is not too popular therefore there is comparatively less competition in it. If you want good jobs, you can learn Ruby too.

Important Note:

All the programming languages mentioned above as per my preference. Please choose coding language on your own. Also, there are various programming languages preferred for a specific purpose. For example,
C- for Operating system programming
Java- for Android apps programming
Objective C- for iPhone apps programming
C++ – Windows drivers programming
Python- Exploit programmin
HTML- web designing(front end)
Javascript- for scripting
pHp- web designing(back end)
SQL- Database manipulation

So, it is not important to know every programming language in the world. I will suggest you-

  • 3 programming languages(one low level language like C, two high level languages)
  • 2 web designing languages(one for front end and one for back end)
  • 1 for Database management(like SQL)


Confused between books to choose…

Beginners generally have this problem when they are about to learn their first programming language. After learning the first programming language effectively, you can understand each and every other programing language with ease.

Thats why, I will mention only books recommended for first programming language recommended by me i.e. C.


First book is “Let Us C”. This is the best book to build basics in C. Along with that, you can look at the second book which is “Head First C”. This book is personally my favorite book of C. This book has awesome interface like the book of tables of a nursery child. This books explains everything by giving real life examples. And the last book is “The C programming Language”. This is the most famous book of C as it is written by the creator of C itself. But I didn’t find it good for beginners. However if you know bits of C, it can clear your basics.

So, I will recommend you these books to learn C. They are so cheap and affordable. Just click on the link above before they get away.


Will the books do everything?

Certainly no, because there are several concepts in programming which are needed to be explained by someone who knows. So, I am suggesting you a YouTube channel so that you can learn C through video tutorials as well.

C tutorials for beginners [YouTube]

Whenever you feel that you got stuck somewhere, you will always find your answers in his videos.



Knowledge will become void, the day you stop doing experiments!



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