Five incredible COOL features of Rolls-Royce automobiles

Five incredible COOL features of Rolls-Royce automobiles

Rolls-Royce automobiles are the height of luxury. Due to their absurd price tags, many people cannot afford these ultra-luxurious cars. An automobile with such a high price is also noted for having some uncommon and distinctive features. Here are some significant parts of Rolls Royce automobiles.

The Spirit of Ecstasy cannot be taken.

The Spirit of Ecstacy logo on the automobile’s bonnet is one of the most noticeable aspects of Rolls Royce vehicles. Since the 1920s, the symbol has been on every Rolls Royce vehicle that has left the factory. The logo can be customise in various ways, including 24-carat gold. Additionally, it has evolved into one of the most specific targets for thieves.

Rolls Royce came up with an intelligent strategy to preserve the symbol. A combination of motors, wiring, and sensors works together to securely retract the Spirit inside the vehicle’s hood as soon as the Rolls Royce automobiles are turned off. The same happens if someone tries to adjust the emblem while the engine is running.

A Nighttime roof

The starlit top of Rolls-Royce vehicles is simply heavenly. Engineers at Rolls-Royce use a sophisticated network of optical fibres installed in the ceiling. To create this appearance, one thousand three hundred forty optical fibres were meticulously hand-sewn into the roof. When in use, the top gleams magnificently, resembling the night sky. All Rolls Royce hard-top vehicles come with it as an optional extra.

The button closes the door.

As abundant as auto features get, this is it. Suicide doors are a distinctive feature of Rolls Royce automobiles. The doors themselves weigh a good deal. One does not have to exert much effort to shut the doors in a Rolls-Royce vehicle. Pushing a button is all it takes to open and close the driver and passenger side doors, which are located on the quarter panel glass. Who wants power doors?

Always use clean, dry umbrellas.

The driver and co-driver side umbrella chambers of every Rolls Royce come with Teflon coating. The umbrellas are brought out by pressing a button. Additionally, the car’s high-end technology will employ built-in fans and heaters to dry your umbrella so that you always have a fresh one when you need one. What a cool thing!

Unmarked stretch leather

Rolls-Royce pays close attention to the small print. The Rolls-Royce automobiles are construct from only the finest materials. The leather utilised in the interiors is one such instance. Since cows give birth and acquire stretch marks on their bodies, only bull hide makes leather. The interiors are wrap in more than 11 bull hides and take 17 days to construct. With this one, even Gaurakshaks will be pleased.

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