Earn money with your clicked photos

Many of the people like clicking photos. I am not talking about weird selfies but about what is called photography. You might be one of them who loves to click pics of sunset, flowers, natural scenery, animals etc. But being unaware about these sites, you can only use those photos as your wallpaper with no profit.  Wanna earn with it?

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So, in this article, we are going to talk about such sites where you can sell your photos and earn some bucks.

Here is the list of these sites:
earn with photos (fotolia)

  • Fotolia :  In this site, you can sell your good photos and earn upto 55%. Payments are done by PayPal.

    earn with photos(shutterstock)

  • Shutterstock : In this site, you can sell your awesome pics and earn upto 25-30%.

    earn with photos(alamy)

  • Alamy : This site offers upto 40%.

    earn with photos(digitalphotos)

  • Free Digital Photos : Sell your photos on this site to earn upto 30%.


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Conditions to sell photos and earn :

  • The very first condition to be eligible to click photos is that you must have a good quality camera (DSLR generally).
  • Picture showing any explicit content is not accepted.
  • Avoid clicking pics through mobile phones.
  • Picture must be clearly visible. No blurs (sometimes their bot rejects your photos just because of focus blur).
  • Light intensity should be good so that picture is clearly visible to all.

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When you can’t sell online:

If your pics are not accepted by online sites, there’s an alternative way. You can sell them yourselves in market. I know it sounds weird but it is a great idea. Because having a mobile phone and clicking good pics with it is a common thing but having a DSLR with good pics is not. People can make big posters of that.  That’s why you can sell your pics in market also. All you have to do is impress the dealer and tell him about the advantages of buying your pics.


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