7 Ways Seo Has Changed Over The Last Decade

7 Ways Seo Has Changed Over The Last Decade

Seo Has Changed Over The Last Decade. SEO has gained immense recognition over the last ten years, and the competition has improved significantly. SEO is one of the most advanced marketing channels, and to make it more rewarding, Google is constantly changing its algorithm.

Many people who got their hands on SEO 10 years ago know the difference between Google’s algorithms. To reach the maximum audience on the website, a person must use all the current strategies introduced by Google. I remember learning SEO many years ago; It used to be about keyword stuffing and content spamming, but now it’s about solid content.

The growing demand for SEO services in various fields like business etc., coupled with the increasing complexity of the technical aspects, is why many SEO service providers have entered the market. The goal is to provide customers with the best service to help them increase traffic, get conversions, and ultimately make a profit. SEO has become an industry in its own right, with specialists offering their services almost all over the world. Anyone can easily access these services based on their location.

If you are an SEO expert, the only way to be successful is to stay up to date with Google’s changing algorithms. Let’s continue the article and look at all the changes made to SEO over the past ten years.

How SEO Has Transformed Over The Last Decade

7 Ways Seo Has Changed Over The Last Decade
7 Ways Seo Has Changed Over The Last Decade

Search engine optimization drives maximum website traffic and stays ahead of competitors. You can make life difficult for any solid website with the proper on-page SEO strategies and quality backlinks. Below I will mention a few points representing a change in SEO over the past ten years.

1. Good Content Rating

You are halfway through SEO if you manage good content without duplication today. Good content revolves around all the factors that make it classy.

For instance, thorough keyword research, improving meta descriptions and tags, choosing quality images, and a few other things; the real winners are those that use the proper content marketing methods. The content was not the most critical aspect of effective SEO, but it is now.

2. Rethink Local Searches

A few years ago, the concept of local SEO didn’t exist, but it has gained colossal importance over time. It all started in 2014 when Pigeon Update came out, and I had always searched locally. That gave a great advantage to small businesses struggling to gain local recognition.

Many people are looking for relevant information, which results in significant website traffic targeting local searches. Another important thing happened with this update: traditional web ranking signals pair well with local searches. Today, the regional search trend is still relevant and growing over time.

3. Quality Backlinks

7 Ways Seo Has Changed Over The Last Decade
7 Ways Seo Has Changed Over The Last Decade

There was a time when link building was very different from what it is today. These days, it’s easy to distinguish between black hat links and broken links. Other technologies have been technologically advanced to distinguish between weak ties and worn-out connections. In 2012, Penguin upgrades restored link building.

Working with natural links has become smooth and easy, allowing you to get high-authority links that are good for your website’s ranking. That was possible when Google found black hats and broken links in the late 2000s. As a result, SEO has become so accessible that you can quickly tell spammy links apart.

4. Using Keyword Stuffing

Ten years ago, SEO was all about finding keywords and inserting them appropriately into the content. However, with the 2013 update, Google changed its algorithms. While keywords play a vital role, SEO is no longer just about finding productive keywords. Today, Google understands implications rather than relevant keywords, so focusing on them is no longer enough.

However, always do proper keyword research as it can drive the strategy’s focus and provide ranking opportunities on Google. That is one of the most significant changes in SEO in the last ten years. Therefore, optimizing your content according to Google’s guidelines for successful SEO is best.

7 Ways Seo Has Changed Over The Last Decade
7 Ways Seo Has Changed Over The Last Decade

5. Frequent Website Optimization

Numerous modifications have been technologically advanced in the past ten years, including Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird. These updates are the notification that Google sends every time there are changes. Now Google is constantly changing its algorithm and upgrading its users to get better rewards, but it has become quite difficult for website owners to stay connected with these upgrades.

The only way to deal with these updates is to keep optimizing the sites according to their rules and policies. If you ignore these updates, your website will not rank in Google Search Console, and you may lose a lot of traffic.

6. Search Engine Results Pages

If you think search engine results pages looked the same ten years ago, you might be wrong. A lot has changed in those ten years. Over these ten years, Google has made many changes to its algorithm. Some changes are too small to mention, but there are a lot of changes on search engine results pages compared to the last decade. You can compare it with previous pages still available on Google and see the difference.

7. Mobile-Friendly Websites

Since 2007, when the iPhone came out, Google has prioritized mobile-optimized websites. We all know that more than half of the population opens their website from mobile phones, and if it is not mobile-friendly, it will have a negative impact, and you may lose a lot of traffic. To be mobile-friendly, you must constantly optimize your website for mobile users. A few years ago, people optimized their websites for the web, but now times have changed and so have Google’s policies.

I’ve only mentioned a few changes over the past decade, so many have considered them. In the next few years, Google could change the whole SEO strategy. You must keep up to date with current Google algorithms and constantly optimize your website for top rankings. I hope your discovery of this article is helpful and informative.

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