Best College Student Gadgets 2021

College Student Gadgets

College Student Gadgets: Every student has various tasks to complete over a regular college day, but these ten devices make life more efficient and innovative. Whether you’re studying, attending a conference, or relaxing, all of these tech accessories will help you take notes, stick to your schedule, and stay updated on social media.


1.Spirit anti-theft laptop bag

We know it’s probably easier to take your laptop to college in a carrying case, but we’d say it’s time to upgrade before your laptop suffers an end-to-end injury.

This popular laptop bag features a USB charging port to power your phone on the go, as well as the ability to lock the main compartment with a password for added security. (College Student Gadgets)

What’s more, it’s waterproof, theft-proof, and even comes with a free USB cable, all for £ 20, and it’s a breeze!


2.External hard drive

The last thing you want for your laptop to break and thereby lose all of your work. An external hard drive like Western digitals can store a backup of almost your entire laptop (up to 1 terabyte, which should be enough). If you are a games enthusiast, you can use this external Pocket hard drive to expand the capacity of your Xbox One or PlayStation 4 – applicable if you always have to uninstall games to play new ones!


3.Xiaomi Mi-Band 4

For everyone who wants to stay and become fit and active in college but is less willing to pay for an expensive gym membership, a Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is a solid long-term investment.

Fitbit is arguably the biggest name in the fitness tracking game, but at less than half the price and with most of the same features, the Mi Band is the perfect reasonable option. Like a FitBit, the Mi Band measures your heartbeat (even when you’re exercising) to help you monitor changes and achieve your goals.

It can also use your heartbeat rate to track your sleep patterns to see how much deep sleep. After all, deep sleep is the part that matters!


4.Laptop compartment with fans

Do you prefer to write your essays on the couch (or in bed, we’re not judging)? Then this cooling bowl is a real help.

It can go up to 17 inches wide, and the built-in fans ensure your laptop never overheats – a natural hazard if you put it on your quilt.

Conveniently, the tablet’s fans are significantly quieter than what’s inside your laptop, so you don’t just replace one annoying noise with another. There are also 2 USB slots on the back of the tablet, which means this gadget not only offsets the position it uses to power your laptop but also adds USB slots to your computer. Portable – great if you want to charge your phone, use the tray, and save your files on a USB stick! ( College Student Gadgets)


5.Finding Tile Mate Keys

If you’re the type of person who keeps losing things – especially your phone or keys – then this little device could save your life.

Clip your Tile Mate keychain to your keychain, and you can find it with the Tile Mate app if you lose it. If they’re somewhere in your room, but you can’t get your hands on them, you can use the app to call the Tile Mate.

As we noticed when testing the Tile Pro (pictured above, which has longer battery life and more extended Bluetooth range), these things are loud. If your Tile is nearby when you turn on the sound, there is no risk of it getting too quiet. Best of all, if you have your keys but can’t find your phone, pressing the button on the Tile Mate key fob will ring your phone even if it’s muted. Genius.


6.Foldable Bluetooth keyboard

If you want to take notes during class but don’t want to drag your laptop to and from college every day, a foldable Bluetooth keyboard might be what you need. This SANDSTORM model is super thin and light (certainly much lighter than a laptop!) And can be connected to your phone (Apple and Android) or your iPad / Windows / Android tablet.

Once you’ve entered your notes, transfer them to your laptop when you’re at home – or skip the middleman and type what you think of yourself right into Google Docs (one of our best apps for students). Computers can also access it.


7.Fitness track

A fitness tracker like the Fitbit Alta is one of the best tech gadgets for college students. It helps you maintain healthy habits by recording all of your activities and exercises in addition to your sleep so that you can better understand how much (or how little) you are sleeping. Alta is an excellent option for most students because, unlike other straightforward fitness trackers, it connects to your phones via Bluetooth, allowing you to check incoming text messages in class without having to pull out your phone. Get it for $ 99.95 at


8.Wireless headphones

Dorms are noisy, but to stay focused, you need to block out those distractions with a pair of noise-canceling headphones and immerse yourself in your work. These wireless Bluetooth headphones are available in different colors and often come with built-in WiFi.

I use Sony WH-XB900N wireless headphones because they can block external noise instantly. It also has other cool features like touchscreen earbuds for music control and attention mode when you need to talk to someone. Sony’s WH-XB900N headphones can last for a day on a single charge, and you can charge them with a USB Type-C cable.


9.Alarm clock

Wake-Up Alarm Clock is an excellent piece of tech for a student who is struggling to wake up early in the morning for class. Circular lights like the Philips Wake-Up Light alarm clock can wake you up naturally by simulating a sunrise.

How it works: It starts to gradually increase its brightness 30 minutes before the alarm goes off. You can also use it as a bed lamp/light. It includes many cool features like dedicated buttons for snoozing the alarm and adjusting the light intensity. Get it for $ 44.95 on


10.Digital Book

Why do we assume a Digital Book? The answer is very simple. You have many tasks during your studies. There is much to learn. If your specialty is humanitarianism, you will need to read a lot. How to treat the books?

You can visit the library and take books with you. However, it takes so long to find the right book, bring it home, and then get it back to the institution. Additionally, you may forget to collect it and have to pay a fee for the lost item. It is not a convenient way to take your books with you. (College Student Gadgets)

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