Why you should not swipe apps in your smartphones

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Android users and iOS users are familiar with the “swipe apps ” feature of their smartphones. Today we are going to talk about a myth, believing in which can slow down your processor and also your battery consumption will go high.

The myth is that all apps in the taskbar are consuming RAM and battery.  That’s why people always clear their RAM by swiping apps.

For a better explanation, I want you to know about Cache!

Cache: Cache is a small memory in which the programs which are implemented repeatedly and many times, are stored in Cache memory. They are stored in Cache memory because it is faster than RAM due to which, process becomes faster.

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Swipe apps but not all

swipe apps

You can swipe those apps which your are not going to use for long. There are apps which you use frequently and many times. When you clear those apps by swiping, their data stored in RAM or Cache erases.  As a consequence the processor have to restart the whole process again when you reopen that app. Due to that re-opening, the processor consumes more energy and also battery is used up.

After clearing apps, your phone seems fresh to you, but only up to home screen!

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The advice I would like to give you is that don’t try to clear your RAM or swipe apps yourselves because android is smart enough to handle it. Whenever you will be going to play a heavy RAM demanded game, the android will automatically clear some.  If you will not clear out RAM, you will experience enough speed and good battery life of your phone!

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