Ten best apps to cartoon yourself  – For iOS and Android users

Cartoon Apps

Cartoons were a staple of our childhood, and almost all of us wondered what we would look like as cartoon characters. Worry no more with this list of the best drawing apps. These third-party apps are a great way to get a quick look at your cartoon version.

1. ToonMe – Draw yourself

It’s a simple but excellent solution to turn your pictures into cartoons with ease. This app can be a fantastic place to start if you are a beginner. The application converts your photo into a cartoon in seconds and lets you choose from a pervasive group of filters.

The only disadvantage we can think of is the failure to click pictures or record videos with this app. It’s free and can install from the Google Play Store. Cartoon Yourself runs offline, so you don’t need constant internet access to work with it. We don’t think these are the best apps for drawing yourself, but it deserves a spot.


Interactive and easy U.I. design

Available offline

Can crop pictures and add stickers

The free version of the app is available


Cannot click images or record videos while using this app


2.Prisma photo editor

This app is dangerously underrated, despite its massive collection of filters. We think this should be the culmination of the list of the best apps to lure you in. There are new effects of this application every day. With an easy-to-use interface, you can turn your image into a cartoon in seconds.

The app serves as a versatile editing tool for both iOS and Android users. You can choose from the app’s massive collection of new, vintage and attractive cartoon effects. It has a geofeed feature which we don’t like. This feature permits limited access to content or impact based on your geographic location. We think Prisma Photo Editor is a worthy contender for the best apps for drawing yourself, and with a few tweaks, it can be the best cartoon app.


New filters are published every day

A practical and reliable solution for drawing yourself

Over 300 filters available

Available for Android and iPhone users


Geo-restricted effects


3.Cartoon Photo Filters – CoolArt

With 10 million downloads, CoolArt is one of the O.G. Applications you can use to create cartoons yourself. For anyone new to the field, CoolArt can be an excellent option for several reasons. With its comfortable, fast, and easy-to-use interface, it offers its users several different filters to choose from. The decent thing about this application is that you don’t have to worry about an iPhone as it is now available for Android and iOS too! Don’t waste your time looking for other applications because this is where you will find the best cartoon app.


Easy to use interface

30+ filters to choose from

Excellent reviews from its users

Also available for Android and iOS


Less variety of filters available


4.Paint – art and cartoon filters

Painnt stands out from all other cartoon apps with its wide range of trendy and chic filters. It’s a digital photo editing app that will make your photo look unique in many ways to anyone who doesn’t know. You will be surprised how many filters it offers to make your picture look like a masterpiece. Paint has more than 2000 filters to present, from old to classic to new and modern.

One thing about Paint that makes it one of the best drawing apps out is its unique feature that allows users to create new filters themselves and share them with the rest of the world. Paint is a free app, but it also has a paid premium option that gives you access to more filters. H.D. Edit and download images without the app’s watermark.


Large selection of filters

Free version available

The paid version has improved features.


No disadvantage as such. This application is a must!


5. Draw me! Sketch and cartoon

Sketch Me is another app that allows you to add a nice cartoon touch to your photos in just a few clicks. All you have to do is upload the image to the app, make the necessary editing adjustments, choose from over 20 different effects, and then save the image to your gallery. A simple, easy, and quick way to make your photos a lot more exciting and other than usual.


Easy to use interface



Very few filter options


6.MomentCam cartoons and stickers

MomentCam is another easy-to-use app that can help you make your Instagram profile much more exciting. Thanks to the many filters offered by this application, you can move your photos from 0 to 10 in no time. It has over 300 million users and has left no page unturned to differentiate itself from its competition. MomentCam adds a cartoonish touch to your photos and lets you create your stickers and emoticons. You can change your hairstyle, add accessories, and much more. All of this makes MomentCam one of the best drawing apps.


Large selection of filters

Over 300 million users

Several added features


There is no downside to this app. It is an absolute icebreaker among the others!


7. PicsArt

If you haven’t heard of PicsArt, we’re sorry, but you shouldn’t be here. This candidacy was attributing to G.O.A.T. for as long as we can remember. One thing that makes this app one of the best apps for drawing yourself is video editing. It is also simple and easy to use. All you need to do is upload the image, choose the effect you want, adjust the intensity of the effect (as per your need), and then save your image.


Also available for iOS

Wide range of filters to choose from

Good customer reviews


8.Toon camera

If you are wondering about the best cartoon app yourself, this is it. Toon Camera has a lot to offer its users with its super great interface. With a variety of filters updated almost daily, the images can look like a cartoon. One of the best things about this app is the quick customer service. Any problems that users face will be resolving in no time. While this app isn’t available for Android, it’s still an excellent option for iOS users.


Fast response from customer service

Large selection of filters and effects

User-friendly control panel


Available for iOS only

It’s a paid app


9. Clip2Comic & Caricature Maker

For allthe users of iOS, this app is an angel for you! Yes, you read that right! Not only your photos, but you can draw your videos too – everything is just a click away. You can edit the picture/video with your fingers or the apple pencil as needed and make it viral among your friends. It easily tops the list of the best drawing apps.


You can also edit videos

User-friendly control panel


Available to iOS users only


 10. Cartoon camera

For all users who love authenticity, this app is for you. Cartoon Camera uses powerful filters to make your images look like cartoons. Although this can sometimes distort the image, the results can be pleasant and surprisingly most of the time. And not just photos, but also cartoon videos. And the good thing about this application is the wide range of effects it has to offer. So if you are looking for the best cartoon app, this is it!


Easy to use interface

No charges

Can also edit videos


It can sometimes distort the image

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