The Top 5 Keyword Research Tools

The Top 5 Keyword Research Tools

Before we get to free keyword research tools, let’s first understand what keyword research is.

A keyword search is a mechanism by which you search for popular idioms, phrases, phrases, or words that people type into search engines. Including these keywords in your content elevates your writing to a higher class. In other terms, you can think of “keyword research” as a way to find alternatives for similar topics.

Keyword research helps you make your content unique and better.

It gives you instructions on using words appropriately and reaching your target audience. Keyword research is an art or skill that deals with your competitive analysis and helps you identify your competitors.

It would help if you spent a lot of time researching relevant keywords for your content. So I would like to suggest you use keyword research tools. These show you how to get into the minds of your audience. You will be accessible with a catalog of keywords for your search term, and you must select the one you want from these suggestions.

After considering all the above factors, you must experiment with which keyword research tool to use to get the most out of it. Here I will give you a brief overview of some tools you can use for keyword research.

Optimal Resources For Keyword Research

1. Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz is a keyword generator and tool for keyword research in SEO. By enhancing the value of your material, this tool minimizes your valuable time. If not, you must run weekly keyword reports and individual site reports. Moz offers simple and sophisticated research tools to investigate your search options.

Various plans are available with Moz Keyword Explorer based on features and cost. Standard, medium, large, and premium are those sizes.

Standard subscriptions cost $99 monthly, including five campaigns and 300 keyword ranks.

At $179 a month, the medium plan offers ten campaigns and nine hundred keyword rankings.

At $249 a month, the large plan offers twenty-five campaigns and nineteen hundred keyword rankings.

The premium package, which costs $999 per month, offers 100 campaigns and 10,000 keyword rankings.

2. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner recommends keyword ideas that will build your search network. It is a free advertising tool from Google. It is helpful for both new and knowledgeable advertisers. Let me show you how to use Keyword Planner.

Click the Go to Keyword Planner link on the Google Ads page. A page will ask, “What is your primary advertising goal?”  Choose “Are you familiar with Google Ads?” as an alternative. Click “Create an account without a campaign?” on the next screen, then tick “Send.”

You will notice on the following page, “Congratulations! You’re done,” so select the “Explore your account” link “link. Then select “Switch to expert mode” by clicking the “Tools” icon. Finally, select “Tools” from the menu bar to access the Keyword Planner.


SEMRUSH is a search engine tool that examines your keyword identification behavior. If this is your first entry into SEO, I recommend doing SEMRUSH, as it allows for organic keyword research. Most SEOs recommend it. You can have a better experience with SEMRUSH because it includes not only new content but also old content from old bloggers.

SEMRUSH has equipped itself with a super-precise distance tracker. It allows you to try their services for free. You can enjoy this free trial for up to thirty days, after which you can continue if you wish. You can even cancel your itinerary if you think the services aren’t suitable for you.

But remember that SEMRUSH is a paid tool that offers three plans for a monthly subscription. These are Pro for $99.95, Guru for $199.95, and Business starting at $399.95.

4. Ahrefs

Ahrefs has its mechanism, inbox, and Capabilities that go beyond keyword research. They create audit reports, computer analyses, URL rankings, competitive analyses, etc. It is also a paid tool that comes with four types of pricing plans based on monthly subscriptions.

These plans cost $99, $179, $399, and $999 per month, and you get a 20% annual discount if you pay upfront.

As I mentioned, you can use Ahrefs to review your existing link profile for any SEO campaign. Here you can extract link opportunities. Keyword research isn’t much, but miracles happen when you validate those keywords. Ahrefs’ most powerful feature is that you can set up alerts for keywords and branded terms.

5. KW finder

KW finder was born to create a keyword research tool to help you find hundreds of keywords with fewer SEO difficulties. It is one of the favorite tools in the market for its powerful features, such as ease of use, user-friendly interface, and accurate keyword difficulty. First, ensure the keyword is relevant to your niche before you search on the KW search engine.

Select the location and enter the keyword in the “Search by keyword” tab’s search field. The related keywords will be displayed when you click the green Search Keyword button.


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