Mobile number tracing website/software in India? LOL!

Among 1.2 billion people in India, many people are facing fake mobile number calls scam. Today in this article, we are going to discuss about such situations.

Online database to see information about registered mobile numbers in India

Mobile number record book

This question is one which has come to everyone’s mind at least once in a lifetime. So did you got anything? I know your answer is “No”. You are not able to find out a real software or a website which can successfully trace a mobile number. Do you know why? It is because there is no such software or website ever built in India which can trace a number. And you know why there is no such website available in India? Because there is no official online record book that contains each and every mobile numbers registered in India.  Then what should be done?

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Best website to trace a mobile number?

website to trace mobile number

As I experienced, no website was able to find my Jio sim location. That’s the truth! They can find a few numbers precisely but they don’t claim about every mobile number.

So I will say there is no such website or software which can trace location of all mobile numbers in India. However there is nothing bad in giving a try. But remember, never trust the map locations told by them, they are not precise enough.

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Where to get information about that mobile number?

If you can spend some money to catch the culprit, then some online services can help you.

paid services which offer mobile number information

There are some sites in India who claim to have the entire mobile numbers and e-mail database of India. You can access them only when you pay. If you ask “How they made the database when there is no directory?”,  I think they get the information by paying different service providers of India. Maybe some terms and conditions are there!

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Where to get affordable or free help

report cops about the mobile number

If you started thinking that it is too much, then contact the police, they have rights to get information about a mobile number and technology too with which they can trace the location of a number. But I will recommend you to do this only when you think this is not a prank and you are really getting disturbed. Otherwise this can land your friends who were pranking with you in legal issues.

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Other help

landline number( not mobile)

If the phone number seems like a landline number, then you are lucky enough that most of the  landline service providers generally have a good database of information about their customers. Generally, you can access it in their official site. If you can’t, you can request them to give you the information.



The only prevention I would like to suggest is that to stay stress free and to avoid mental depression, you should block those numbers just after the first call and if you find the first call creepy enough, inform the police. Stay happy!


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