5 Popular Real Estate Agent Marketing Apps

5 Popular Real Estate Agent Marketing Apps

If you’re a real estate agent, you identify that staying one step ahead is the key to success. It would help if you used the latest and greatest marketing tools to stay ahead.

We’ll go through five well-liked real estate agent marketing apps. These apps help you stay organized and connected with your customers and help you market your business more effectively.


5 Popular Real Estate Agent Marketing Apps
5 Popular Real Estate Agent Marketing Apps

Facebook is not just for personal use. You’re making a mistake if you’re not on Facebook as part of your real estate marketing. Real estate brokers can benefit from using Facebook since it currently uses half of the world’s population. Here are some ways Facebook can help you market your real estate business:

The Advertisement

Advertising on Facebook is very targeted and very effective. A campaign can thru depending on geography, age, gender, interests, and other factors. You can even show ads to the public who have previously visited your Facebook page. It allows you to nurture your new and old customers.

Website Custom Audience

Facebook allows you to upload a list of email addresses or phone numbers of people already in your database. Informs the ad network of Facebook users to target with advertising. You can use this feature to get ahead of your existing customers.


Posting status updates, pictures, videos, and other content on Facebook is one of its most used functions. You can promote your real estate company with these posts. Post helpful articles about real estate or tips on buying or selling a home. Stay in front of your audience and provide valuable content that interests them.


5 Popular Real Estate Agent Marketing Apps
5 Popular Real Estate Agent Marketing Apps

Homes.com is a real estate website dedicated to helping you find your future home away from home. You have access to more than 20 million listings on the website from all around the nation.

For real estate agents, how helpful has Homes.com been? In 2019, Homes.com was responsible for more than $3.2 billion in real estate agents, which ranked 94% of the top 100 US brokerage firms.


5 Popular Real Estate Agent Marketing Apps
5 Popular Real Estate Agent Marketing Apps

Using the video marketing tool BombBomb, you can expand your real estate company—one of the best and most well-liked applications for real estate professionals. Direct HTML5 video messages can be definite to your clients and prospects via Facebook Messenger or email. Even your CRM can be cohesive with BombBomb.

With it, you can send high-quality videos directly from your CRM and easily track potential leads.

Send Videos To Your Potential Customers

If you have a prospect or customer waiting for your response, you can send them a follow-up video. That lets your customer know that they are essential and that their business is appreciated. BombBomb lets you send personalized videos directly from your CRM, allowing you to start a video chat from your existing customer history.

Capture More Leads

With BombBomb, you can create a unique link that takes people straight to a page where they can register their name and email address. That will help you capture more leads directly from BombBomb. New leads from your video marketing app are a great way to grow your business.

Real Geeks

5 Popular Real Estate Agent Marketing Apps
5 Popular Real Estate Agent Marketing Apps

Real Geeks is a real estate agent’s online marketing firm. To assist you in expanding your business, they provide training courses, educational materials, and other services. How Real Geeks assists in marketing real estate firms:


You can benefit from the training courses Real Geeks offers. They have a curriculum called the Lead Gen Series that teaches you how to create leads using social media and your website.

You’ll gain knowledge of email marketing, blogging, guest posting, and search engine optimization (SEO). This training course is a fantastic tool for promoting your real estate company.

Think About How To Stand Out On Social Media

Real Geeks has a great guide to help you learn more about using social media for real estate marketing. They break down the different social media channels and show you how to habit them to generate leads. This guide is ideal for real estate agents and is an excellent marketing resource.

Website Updates

Real Geeks gives you access to an easy-to-use website builder to help you create your website! Receive updates on new themes and designs.

Access to a modern website builder is a great way to market your real estate business due to its easy-to-use interface.

Mailer Lite

5 Popular Real Estate Agent Marketing Apps
5 Popular Real Estate Agent Marketing Apps

Mailer Lite is an email service provider that lets you send bulk emails to your customers and prospects. It is one of the most excellent apps for real estate agents and allows you to send personalized emails directly from your CRM. You can use Mailer Lite to track leads that haven’t responded yet and even help market your real estate business.

Email Campaigns

You may design unique email campaigns using Mailer Lite to distribute to business leads and clients. Send a periodic email, an autoresponder email, or a conditional email. Use it on your blog, making marketing your real estate company simple.

marketing resources

You can use Mailer Lite’s marketing tools to acquire additional leads and clients. They have an API to integrate their messaging service with your marketing tools. You can use the API to make custom email templates, send bulk emails to leads and customers, download reports on your email campaigns, and more. So you can market your real estate business more effectively.


These are some of the best real estate agent marketing apps. These apps can help you market your business more effectively and are also easy to use.


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