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Microsoft Office 365 for Harvard Students

Microsoft Office 365 for Harvard Students: “Microsoft 365” is the latest name for Microsoft’s Office 365 subscription service. It contains everything Office 365 has and more. Subscribe to access Microsoft Office apps like Word, 1TB of OneDrive storage, minutes to Skype calls, and more.


What new features does Microsoft 365 contain?

At the launch of Microsoft 365 on March 30, 2020, Microsoft revealed a variety of functions. Much of this seems to be features that would have made it in Office 365 anyway, but Microsoft insists that it’s “You, you and your family, at” work, school, and life. It means new tools to improve your web writing skills, manage your finances, and connect with family and friends.


Here are some of the latest features:

Check your writing with MS Editor

Microsoft Editor helps you correct the grammar and style of your writing. It’s Microsoft’s answer to Grammarly – a powerful writing tool that works anywhere on the web. It is an “AI-based service” that works in over 20 languages and It works in MS Word and, but you can install the MS Editor extension for Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge to use it on any website. It even allows you to insert quotes in documents in Microsoft Word.

Download Bank Transactions to Excel

Microsoft announced “Money in Excel,” which lets you sign in to bank and credit card accounts right from Excel. You can download transaction details and get them into a budget or other economic spreadsheet, just like with a tool like Mint. He uses Plaid, a popular network that many personal finance tools now use to sign in to accounts.

Talk to family and friends with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is Microsoft’s answer to Slack. Both were primarily intended for workplaces. Now Microsoft Teams is adding new features for your privacy. You can create Team groups for your friends and family to plan trips, host meetings, or keep in touch with the people you care. Teams have built-in features like group chats, video calling, shared task lists, and calendars to make it all possible.

Protect your family with MS Family Safety

“Microsoft Family Safety” is the Latest application for iPhone and Android. It helps you manage your family’s Screen Time on Windows 10, Android, and Xbox. It also includes location sharing notifications so you can see where your family members are on a map and get notifications when they arrive and leave work or school.

Overall, Microsoft 365 is primarily the same, and many of these features seem to have been added to Office 365 anyway. However, it shows that Microsoft focuses on “Microsoft 365” as a more extensive subscription service that isn’t just about using Office apps to get the job done. It’s about providing subscribers with tools for their personal life.

Therefore, Expect more of these unique productivity features to be incorporated into Microsoft 365 in the future. In 2019, ZDNet’s Mary reported that Microsoft might be building a password manager into Microsoft 365. In the beginning, however, Microsoft has not announced anything about it.


Microsoft Office 365 for Harvard Students

Microsoft 365 includes Microsoft apps, the latest Office apps for your PC and Mac (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.), plus a full suite of online services for messaging, file storage, and collaboration, meetings, and more.


Harvard students are eligible for Microsoft 365 and can access all or most of the services included in the suite.

1.Students in GSE, GSD, HDS, HMS, HSDM, HSPH, Radcliffe, and SEAS are eligible for the full suite of Microsoft 365 applications.

2.HBS students should contact HBS IT for information on their eligibility.

3.HLS students will not receive Microsoft 365 emails and calendars but will have access to all other apps. HLS students are assigned a Google email account.

4.GSAS students will have access to all Microsoft 365 applications but will not automatically receive Microsoft 365 emails and calendars; You can choose to have a mailbox.

5.Harvard College students can access all Microsoft 365 services except Office 365 email and calendar. Each Harvard College student is assigns a Google email account.

6.DCE students are only eligible for @ g.harvard accounts.


If you are a student at Harvard College, GSAS, or business schools and want access to Microsoft 365

1.Go to Microsoft

2.Click Login.

3.Enter your login details and click Next.

Therefore, If you have a Microsoft 365 mailbox, @ g.harvard or @college, use this address.

If you are using non-Harvard address for your HarvardKey, your login address will be in the form of <your NetID> @ Otherwise if you don’t know your NetID, please see our Find Your NetID article.

4.You will be redirect to the Harvard login page.

5.Enter your HarvardKey password and click Connect.

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