All The Information You Want About The Wixie Haircut

All the information you want about the pixie haircut

The Wixie haircut is a brilliant illustration of the hairstyling industry’s limitless inventiveness and progressive thinking. This alluring, adaptable haircut, which gives the traditional pixie a modern twist, has taken salons by storm and appeals to anyone looking for a chic makeover. The Wixie haircut has subtle differences that you should be aware of before determining if it’s the correct style for you, regardless of whether you’re a die-hard salon patron or an adventurous person looking for something new.

You may discover more about the history and distinguishing features of this style on this page. We’ll also go over some professional styling advice and show you how to utilize salon-quality hair styling tools to look amazing every day. Now let’s get started!

Why the Wixie Haircut Came About

Let’s turn the clock back and examine the intriguing history of the Wixie haircut before getting into the finer points. This unusual haircut, which originated as a variation on the classic pixie cut some years ago, has developed into a stylish, modern appearance suitable for individuals of all ages. The pixie is rather easy to maintain and gives your look a whimsical touch.

The Unique Features of the Wixie Hairstyle

The pixie’s distinctive qualities are a major part of its popularity. Here are some of the style’s most notable characteristics in case you’re thinking about adopting it for yourself:

  • Length: The wixie has longer layers on top of a shorter back and sides. This hairstyle is more adaptable than many others because of its creative length variety. It is a great option for folks with a variety of hair types and face shapes because of this.
  • Texture: The pixie haircut is not complete without texture. Finding the ideal texture balance is essential to producing an eye-catching, dynamic appearance. We’ll discuss about salon styling tools later on, but for daily styling, texture hair products are essential.
  • Asymmetry: A wixie usually has one side trimmed shorter than the other. The asymmetry produces a striking contrast that gives the haircut more depth and character.
  • Layers: The key component of this approach is layering. Layers that are strategically positioned provide movement and volume, giving the haircut its distinctive appearance and guaranteeing styling versatility.
  • Styling variety: The wixie’s extraordinary variety in styling is one of its most notable qualities. This haircut is adaptable enough to let you achieve almost any kind of style, whether you’re trying for a tousled and textured feel for a casual excursion or a sleek and elegant appearance for a formal occasion.

How to Style a Wixie Cut

Let’s talk about adaptability and see how to style a wixie haircut. Relax, it’s not hard at all! Here are some pointers:

Take a Clean Slate to Start

The greatest styles begin with a blank canvas. Make use of a premium shampoo and conditioner designed for your particular hair type. Your hair should be somewhat moist after gently towel drying it so that it is ready for the upcoming change.

Protective shield against heat

Treat your hair with a dependable heat protectant before heating your style products. By doing this important step, you can shield your hair from extreme heat and keep it healthy and beautiful.

Utilizing a Blow Dry to Lift and Shape

With a wixie haircut in hand, and a dependable hair drier at your disposal, start adding volume and form to it. Focus on adding vital body and bounce by lifting the hair from the roots up. For optimal results, use the lowest setting on your blow dryer.

Accept Hair Styling Products from Salons

This is the area where salon-quality hair products excel. To make your idea a reality, choose lightweight professional hair styling tools like hair wax or texturizing spray. These goods act as the creative implements that bring your ideal hairdo to life. Additionally, they are an ideal remedy if your hair tends to get frizzy or fall flat after style. When you can’t attain the look you want with drugstore items, professional products will help you seem faultless.

Increase Texture Intensity

Your best friends for perfecting your cut and giving it its style are texture-enhancing hair products. Buy expert texture hair products that are tailored to your particular hair type when you are shopping. Use pomade, paste, or texturizing spray to enhance the definition and texture of your hairdo. All it takes to create a disheveled appeal is a little touch.

Fashion to Your Soul’s Content

Explore your artistic side with a variety of style methods. You may boldly express your style with the wixie, whether you like a more casual untidy appearance or the sleek finish of a flat iron. It welcomes experimentation. Take some time to experiment with several looks and see which one you like the most.

Keep the Look

Use a good hairspray to keep your creation in place. Apply sparingly to prevent giving your hair a crunchy, rigid appearance. All it takes to keep your look intact all day is a brief spray.

How to Keep Up Your Wixie Haircut

Keeping your pixie in good condition requires routine maintenance. To keep the shape perfect, schedule cuts and touch-ups with your hairdresser every four to six weeks.

When it comes to looking your best, the hair products you choose to use matter. Almost all hair types benefit greatly from the following highly recommended salon hairstyling and texturizing products:

  • Texturizing Spray: To add volume and definition to your pixie and create a fun, quirky texture, use a feather-light texturizing spray.
  • Hair Wax: Choose a flexible-holding, multipurpose hair wax. This makes it possible for you to precisely sculpt and shape your hair, which is essential for preserving the pixie’s distinctive appearance.
  • Hairspray: To hold your style in place without sacrificing the natural flow and vibrancy of your hair, use a light- to medium-hold hairspray.
  • Heat Protectant: To ensure the longevity and luster of your hair and to prevent it from the risks of heat styling, always use a heat protectant before styling with hot tools.

Final Thoughts

A contemporary classic that still captivates trendsetters everywhere is the pixie hairstyle. It is understandable why those looking for a stylish, modern appearance continue to like this haircut with its alluring mix of asymmetry, texture, and adaptability. Go ahead and request a pixie cut from your hairdresser to open up a whole new world of hairstyle options!

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