How can I type the degree sign on the iPhone or iPad keyboard?

How can I type the degree sign on the iPhone or iPad keyboard?

Can’t I seem to find the degree sign on the iPhone while trying to enter it? Learn to type the degree symbol on iPhone and iPad (°) using the iOS keyboard in any language here instead of pressing every key.

How to Use the Degree Sign (°) on an iPhone (Any Language, Any Keyboard)

Using the iPhone keyboard, locate and input the degrees symbol (°) as follows:

Place the text cursor where you wish to add the degree symbol.

Where to put it: For temperature, placing a non-breaking space between the number and degrees symbol is advisable before adding the letter indicating the unit immediately.

Example: The water was just 64 °F or less.

To switch to the iPhone keyboard’s number layout, tap the 123 buttons.

No emoji. Make sure a language keyboard is activated (not, say, the emoji keyboard).

The 0 key will now expand if you press and hold it.

Other languages: The degree symbol is concealed on all language keyboards by the zero.

The degree symbol (°) will be illuminated if you move your finger to the left while remaining on the keyboard.

iPhone directional arrow

Inserting the degree symbol requires releasing the finger.

Using an iPad keyboard, how do you type the degree sign?

Like the iPhone keyboard, the iPad keyboard behaves similarly when it comes to locating and typing the degree symbol:

. – (on the floating iPhone-like iPad keyboard).

.?123 buttons on the whole iPad keyboard

floating 123 buttons on an iPad keyboard

Press the 0 key while holding it.

It is essential to know that entering 0 by swiping down on the entire iPad keyboard will not function.

You can choose the degrees sign by moving your finger.

Using the keyboard on your iPad, type the degree sign.

Enter the degree sign by releasing the finger.

iPhone FAQ: How to Type the Degree Symbol

Do I need to type the degree symbol when converting between °F and °C temperature?


You can ask Siri, of course, or enter 20 degrees Celsius in the iOS search bar to convert the temperature to degrees.

Can my iPhone input the Unicode characters for degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit?


Input °F or °C:

Enter a plain F or C after the degree symbol, or copy and paste the Unicode characters for °F and °C.

Copy the symbol K or use it to represent degrees, Kelvin.

How can I enter degrees in the calculator app on my iPhone?

For the iPhone calculator, enter angles in degrees as follows:

For scientific mode, tilt your phone in landscape mode.

A lack of scientific mode If the scientific display on the iPhone Calculator won’t appear, open Control Center and disable Portrait Orientation Lock.

Touch Deg.

How to tell if degree mode is on: The iPhone calculator will display a Rad button if degree mode is already on.

Locating the button In the bottom left corner is the button.

Degree Button for iPhone Calculators

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