Meituan Liao TechCrunch Flexiv Chinese AI Series

Meituan Liao TechCrunch Flexiv Chinese AI Series


Chinese AI Series: Flexiv Chinese AI Series Ming Liaou TechCrunch wants to see the new trend of computerization in healthcare and agriculture. Since 2005, it has attempted to produce technologies and sell made-to-order intelligent robots for various Chinese businesses.

The startup intends to utilize the funding to create AI-based robots for various applications. If it succeeds in these areas, the business can produce goods. The new company sends 100 robots to consumers in China.

It also intends to increase its revenue from software licensing and services following a sale. It acquired a Series A investment of $22 million at the end of 2019.

A fresh $100 million fundraising round has been announced by the Chinese robot manufacturer Flexiv. Investors in the business include Meituan, Plug & Play, Jack Ma’s YF Capital, and Meta Capital.

Chinese AI Series by Flexiv

Project Flexiv Ai 100m series. Flexor now has approximately $100 million in financing from several firms, including TechCrunch Learners. It has raised over $100 million in Series B capital from several investors, including the on-demand services company Meituan. The firm has a base in California and operates in several critical Chinese cities, as is typical for companies founded by Chinese nationals who have either studied or worked in the U.S.

According to information obtained by Flexor Chinese 100m Meituan Liao TechCrunch, Meituan is a robotics developer located in China who creates “adaptive” robots for various industries, including food and agriculture.

Meituan Liao’s Flexiv AI 100m TechCrunch

New Hope Group, a Beijing-based agribusiness with a sizable presence in animal husbandry, feed, and farm automation, was one of the investors in the Flexiv AI 100m series fundraising.

Many other businesses, including Gaorong Capital, GSR Ventures, Longwood, Meta Capital, Plug and Play, and YF Capital, an organization founded by Jack Ma, a co-founder of Alibaba, invested in Meituan, a “super app” that offers meal delivery, restaurant reservations, and online grocery shopping, among other services.

Flexiv Secures $100 Million in Series B Funding

Businesses may better organize and plan their marketing processes with the aid of Flexiv. by giving dealers a stand that enables them to construct mechanical drives using various tools. Notable investors in the business include Khosla Ventures, Brian Capital Ventures, and Omidyar Network. Sam Altman, the creator of Y Combinator, and Gurbaksh Chahal, CEO of Google Cloud, are among the senior advisors.

A series A fundraising cycle led by Blackstone Growth Partners, with a total investment of $100 million and a mix of organized investors and high-net-worth individuals, was completed on April 6, 2019. As a result, businesses may use various technologies to program their marketing procedures and create mechanical drives.

TechCrunch Flexiv Chinese 100m Meituan Liao

The company’s core now originated in China. The corporation has sharply expanded in recent years, and it has also determined that two-thirds of its employees are in several locations in California and China. A group from the United States created it to advance its intellectual (AI) technology.

This enormous money will give Flexiva a substantial advantage over its rivals. With the financing, Flexiva can enter the robotics industry as a reader. Additionally, Meituan, a Chinese on-demand services provider, invested $100 million in a Chinese robotics firm.

Meituan Liao’s Flexiv Chinese Ai Series TechCrunch

With the aid of AI and robotics, it has developed a new approach to robotic hardware and software technologies to revolutionize the industrial sector genuinely. Additionally, these Rison robots alter how people work and enable the autonomous operation of any business. It continues to become better, which portends a promising future. And any robotics firm needs this type of cash.

It shows that Chinese entrepreneurs and investors are prepared to invest in manufacturing and shows how much room there is for growth in the Chinese robotics sector. It is one of many well-known firms that have a lot of money and will assist customers come and make money in the future. An excellent place to start is the Flexiv Chinese Ai Series Meituan Liao TechCrunch.


It assists businesses in industrializing and streamlining their marketing development processes. A platform must enable marketers to create mechanical motions utilizing various tools. They are choosing to raise funding to collaborate with other businesses from other industries to develop new computerized technologies. Additionally, it intends to expand into additional sectors like healthcare and agriculture by using technology to create new employment.

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