Top 10 Freelance Skills To Master

Top 10 Freelance Skills To Master

The best and most effective freelancing skills to master in 2022. To better understand how jobs at different skill and experience levels, hourly rates or payment terms, we looked at freelancers of all skill levels on marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork. To create a more diverse data set, we also looked at the websites of specific freelancers.

Analyzing these results, we could create a table of typical fees for freelancers in each industry. Please note that the annual earnings and hourly rates discussed throughout the article are inevitable to serve as general guidelines. These standards are averages rather than maximums or minimums. You can find out that some freelance jobs and contracts pay more or less by comparing them.

These rates can help you understand ​​the approximate cost of starting as a freelancer. The amount you charge your clients depends on your experience, skills, and industry specialization.

The 10 Best Freelance Skills to Master

1. Graphic Design

The typical annual salary is $60,000.

$30 on average per hour

Freelance graphic designers work on various user experience designs, marketing, corporate communications, web development, and social media projects. As such, there will never be a typical day, and you will often have to adjust to new difficulties and outcomes. It is another standalone ability.

You need a strong portfolio to demonstrate your skills and knowledge if you famine to work as a freelance graphic designer. In addition, you need to become familiar with some Adobe design applications.

To start with the basics, check out the various Adobe design courses available on Skillshare:

Adobe design training

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2  Seo

$100,000 is the average annual salary.

Typical hourly wage: $100

That is another standalone ability. Another digital marketing skill that website-based businesses always need is SEO. SEO is always in demand because most users don’t click past the first page or the first three results.

You must have both technical and analytical skills. It would be finest if you also kept up with the latest news on Google algorithms and SEO trends.

SEO professionals should be familiar with a variety of tools and be able to create comprehensive SEO reports for clients.

There are various paid and unpaid SEO courses. We recommend reading the Moz SEO Learning Center to get started. The fact that it’s free is excellent.

The SEO Learning Center at Moz

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3. Social Media Marketing

$75,000 is the average annual salary.

An average hourly rate of $60

Many savvy social media companies lack the time and expertise to manage their accounts successfully. Social media freelancers can help with this.

Daily tasks include organizing clients’ social media campaigns, ensuring posts are delivered correctly and engaging with followers. The goal, of course, is to increase engagement, follower count, and business opportunities.

You must be familiar with social media and how its algorithms work if you want to be successful.

There are many social media marketing courses on Udemy to get you started.

Studies in Social Media Marketing

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4 Editing

The typical annual salary is $60,000.

An hourly rate of $40 is typical.

Companies require publishers to review work while authors produce material. Editors often look for typos, grammatical issues, sentence structure, consistency, factual accuracy, formatting, and compliance with company standards. See also the benefits of SEO

Editors, like writers, can specialize in editing one or two types of content in a specific industry area or be generalists.

To start editing, you do not need to undergo special training. However, you have mastered excellent grammar and punctuation skills alongside a high level of attention to detail.

5. Blockchains And Cryptocurrency Programming

$130,000 is the average annual salary.

$150 an hour on average

A programming language called Blockchain is cast-off to process and store data related to Bitcoin transactions. It is much more resilient to external changes than other programming languages. Despite coming from a relatively new world, Blockchain is currently the most widely used human resource management method. That is another standalone ability.

The approach is cast-off in law, logistics and finance due to its high level of transaction security. However, there are not many experts yet because it is so new. So if you are well-versed in the Blockchain, you will likely be sued three times over a couple of customer names. See also reference tools

Can you find blockchain training?

Blockchain fundamentals courses are available on platforms like Skillup for beginners.

Blockchain Education

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6. Mobile App Development

the average annual salary of $110,000

Average cost per hour: $70 to $80

The need for app developers increases with the time consumers spend on their phones. Companies are looking for independent contractors to build, design and test mobile applications.

As a freelance app developer, you need specific programming skills. iOS apps are implicit in Swift. Java or C++ is cast-off in Android applications. Knowing this, you can decide whether you want to learn one language or all three to become a proficient mobile developer.

Where can you get more information about mobile app development?

A course on Udemy will take you from complete inexperience to creating an iOS AppStore app.

a Udermy course

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7. Website Design

$80,000 is the average annual salary.

$80.00 an hour on average

Because they often work with front-end developers to create each website, web designers often possess various skills, including B. Knowledge of website coding languages ​​such as HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Most web designers specialize in one or more of three areas:

UI designers do all website operations, such as B. button placement and navigation, to make it as user-friendly as possible.

Websites designed by User Experience (UX) designers are aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.

UI and UX skills are mutual in visual design.

Where can I find web design courses?

Many web design courses on the Coursera learning platform are suitable for learners of all levels:

Coursera is a learning platform.

8. Artificial Intelligence Development

$100,000 is the average annual salary.

$70.00 per hour on average

Although AI is still relatively new, it will probably grow in popularity and usage in the coming years. Because most AIs are the future to simplify everyday tasks, experts create algorithms and lines of code with practical problems in mind. Also, check the reach of bloggers

Artificial intelligence experts must be able to develop algorithms and write voice or facial recognition software.

Where can I learn more about the development of artificial intelligence?

Many AI courses are available on sites like Coursera and Udemy.

Development of the Artificial Intelligence course

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9. Accounting And Bookkeeping

The average annual salary of $75,000

$50 per hour on average

Many people lack the knowledge to manage their business finances and file tax returns effectively. Therefore, there is often a great need for independent accountants and bookkeepers.

Small business owners often hire independent contractors to run payroll, prepare quarterly tax returns, maintain comprehensive financial records, and prepare financial reports. That is another standalone ability.

Where can you get bookkeeping and accounting training?

Everything you want to get certified as a CPA and start working as an accountant or bookkeeper is in the Becker CPA exam review.

Becker CPA Exam Review

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10. Data Analysis

$80,000 is the average annual salary.

An hourly rate of $40 is typical.

Another booming industry that people highly demand is data analytics. Data analysts gather, organize, and analyze data to provide detailed reports to organizations. These studies describe trends and patterns companies should consider when developing their strategies.

Free and paid data analysis courses with certifications are available on Coursera.

Data Analysis Training

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Learn An Independent Skill That Is In Demand

Now you know what the best freelance skills will be in 2022. Mastering a few of these will set you on the path to a successful and lasting freelance career.

First, consider your current skills and areas of interest. Think about what would naturally fit on this basis and how you could develop a range of services as a freelancer.

Never stop learning; it is the secret of a successful freelancer. You invest in your career when you invest in your education. Ready to work alone? Check out the software discounts now available on the AppSumo Store to prepare yourself


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